Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update on Muah

Wow, it has been almost a month since the last time I wrote a Blog. Guess I have been a really busy bee!

So this month has been one with surprises...some good and some bad.

1st I know this is going to make some of you a little sad but… I took out my nipple piercings on 12-12-09. After I changed the bar bells and put in the rings it went downhill for my right nipple. I found out the piercer pierced me way too deep and behind my nipple. It was hurting and kept bleeding (Not a lot just a little). I was always in pain and I got very sick and tired of it so I made the decision to take them out. My boyfriend was sad but he understood. Maybe in another year I will get them pierced again (And of course go to a different piercer).

2nd I am so excited Christmas is coming. Not for the presents, not even to buy any gifts for anyone. But to spend Christmas with my loving boyfriend. I miss him so much. I am leaving Christmas Eve and will return Sunday. I love getting away to Chicago to be with him. I need time away from my family!

I realized this year I could care less about the gifts. Don’t care who spending money on whom. Yes, it’s nice but I’m over it. I guess it’s me becoming an adult. It’s for the kids. I want them to have a good time.

3rd So what happened to the financially stable Kristen that loves to save? What happened to the Kristen that had $2000 in her savings account and knew where her money was going? I have been spending so much its crazy. Some were car repairs and a lot was shopping, shopping and more shopping! My savings is now gone and I’m again starting from scratch. Thank God I don’t have any credit cards or any HUGE bills and can’t wait for that tax return coming up! Hope it’s good! So more saving and less spending!!!

4th So now that I have decided I need to calm down and save more, I do want to do something for myself once or twice a month just to spoil me for whatever reason … because I can! So I started getting my nails done and I freakin love it! My nails are freakin gorgeous and I can’t believe I went so long without having them done! I have had the French mani and right now I have pink and white….sooo pretty! I’m going to start posting pics soon!

I also started back into Scrapbooking. This summer I got into it but was only concerned with doing My Wedding. Well I defiantly stepped out of that phase and now want to do pics of my friends, family and of course me and my man! I am defiantly going to post pic of my finished pages and I hope you guys go easy on my cause I am a 1st timer! J

5th I was so saddened to hear about Brittany Murphy’s death. So tragic and I am learning that she may have even died of natural causes (Now I hear it may be because of her eating disorder). How natural is death at the age of 32 but if it’s your time to go Home it’s your time. My pray’s go out to her family. She was such a beautiful person an actress.

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