Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let Me Handle This

No relationship is perfect. Although we would all love to assume so. All couples get into little arguments every once in awhile. Some arguments are bigger than others.

Since my boyfriend and I do not live in the same state we really don’t have much to fight about since we don’t even see each other everyday. The most we really fight about is one of us will get angry the other person didn’t call or one is too tired to stay on the phone and talk. Real stupid stuff. Believe me!

Yesterday was a very lazy and laid back day for him and me. We haven’t spent lot of our time on the phone during the week because I have been working 65hrs a week and when I come home, I just want to go to sleep. So Sunday, we chatted for most of the afternoon. On the phone I learned that Brittany Murphy died by reading someone’s Twitter. I then began looking on the internet for more answers. I told him about it and he couldn’t remember who she was and I was giving him movies and he still didn’t get it.

He then started asking me all these questions and I tried to answer but he kept interrupting me then we got into a big fight on the fact that I’m tired of him ALWAYS interrupting me when I talk and he claims I interrupt him (He ALWAYS ALWAYS interrupt me … not the other way around). We hung p on each other and everything! Lol See, stupid stuff. Lol P.S. we made up 10min later.

Anyways, I woke up this morning getting myself together for work. I was in the kitchen and my mom came in asking me if I am still going to Chicago for Christmas. I answered back of course I am. She said even after all that fighting? I told her it wasn’t a big deal. We were hardly even fighting. She said oh no it wasn’t blah blah blah. She said well just don’t come home crying to me when you have a black eye. I was like woooooow!

I left to get some things out of my room to leave for work. I went into the kitchen for my lunch, and hoping the conversation was over. She had on the news and said how the woman on the TV is missing and her husband probably did it. I asked how you know I wasn’t yelling at him. How do you know I didn’t start the argument? How do you know if we did get into a fight, I wouldn’t throw the first punch?

She then said if I didn’t have such low self esteem I can find a better man who respects me. Excuse me? I have been with this man for 3yrs in February and it makes me so mad when people make WHO HAVE NEVER EVEN MET HIM makes up this crap that he is such a bad guy! And low self esteem, he has been the ONLY person in this world who has ever truly made me feel beautiful. If I have issues about the way I look it’s because of my sisters and my parents. I was hardly called my freakin name in that house when I was growing up. It was fatty this and fat hog that and now that I am older and I can actually love the skin I’m in and have finally found a man who loves the same…please believe I’m not giving that up. He gives me the utmost respect, never has laid a hand on me and no I am not staying because I believe I can’t find someone else but because of that fact that he does make me happy and yeah…we actually FELL IN LOVE! Someone actually fell in love with fatty! Can u believe it!!!

This is another reason why my family has never met my boyfriend. And if they keep acting like they will never meet him until my engagement party!


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