Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Calling All BlackBerry Users

I have been wanting a Blackberry for EVER! Now that T-Mobile has these new and great plans and they have it where if you buy a new phone you can spread it out in 20 months to pay for it ... I am going for it! I think thats nice.

So here is my chance. My chance to buy the phone I have been craving forever.

The thing is...the newest Blackberry is supposed to come out soon (The T-Mobile Rep actually said next week) and its the 9700. But, I dont know if I should get it only because its new...therefore its going to have it glitches and stuff wrong with it and I dont have time to keep sending a phone back and forth. So, I could just get the lastest one out right now at T-Mobile, which is the 8900.

So, my fellow BB users, what do you guys think? 8900 or 9700? I hear the 8900 is just as great as well!

P.S. This may be a little bad. But the best thing I am looking foward to is my fantastic Twitter apps, BBM and other instant messenging features and the web that I hear is so great. So I really dont care too much about the acutal talking on the phone part. But with all this updated technology on phones today, I think a lot of people think the way I do. lol


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