Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Too Deep

Its been 2 and a half months since I have had my nipples peirced. I went yesterday to get new jewerly. I really wanted rings. I went back to the same place I got them peirced and the same person put them in. He said my nipples were healing great.

This morning my right nipple was in a little pain. I thought it was probably because of the new ring and just felt that maybe the ring was making it painful. So I went to another place and starting checking out new rings. The woman piercer there, Lisa, checked out my nipple and she said it was pierced too deep. Its not through my nipple but behind it. Oh great. She said my body was rejecting the ring. She said the way to fix it is to use titanium rings. Give it another 2 months in and it should be fine and should heal the right way. She said after the 2 months and I want to go with something cheaper then I can at that point (The titanium rings were $50 for both) and if it was still being rejected I would have to take out the ring completly and let it heal and re-pierce it. Ouch.

So I got my new ones in now and I hope everything goes right because I love my rings and really dont want to have to go through that pain again. :(

I was a little but angry that the damn guy that pierced it acted like he didnt know anything was wrong and said the looked fine but right when Lisa looked at it she know what was wrong!

Just hope the new rings helps...


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