Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life After Death

Today was the funeral of my cousin's wife. Funeral's, of course, are sad. But, this was thee most saddest funeral I have EVER been to. There was not a dry eye in the chruch.

After her sudden death I started thinking about death myself. What happens after? Where do we go? Do we know we are dead? Can we see earth? What does it feel like to die?

I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ. I know without Him there is nothing. I know Heaven is a beautiful place...peaceful, no hurt, no pain, no tears. But I am scared for not knowing when my time is up. How will I die? Like is so short. It's precious. Tomorrow is never promised. God never makes a mistake. He took my cousin for a reason. It was her time.

As a Christian, we just have to follow God as closely as possible. Follow his word. I have always been close to God but her death has made me even closer. Made me realize we never know when its time. I need to go to church more. Pay my tithes and read my Bible. I can't wait to walk through the gates of Heaven and when I meet God, I want Him to tell me I was a faithful servant and I have done good.

For those that don't believe or don't know about Him, please find the way. It only takes that 1st step foward...you have to want to believe.

Trust me, its amazing when you do.

Stay blessed everyone!


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