Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wrong Vs. Petty

Last Wednesday was not a good day for me at work.

Back in September, when I got my nipples pierced, I told a few co-workers. They, of course, were very shocked. One of my co-workers thought it would be funny to tell another co-worker whom is a man about them just to see what he will say...as a joke. So, I agreed. I IM'd him on the Yahoo Messenger and told him about it. Of course, he was shocked as well. The bad part of it is, I got into the conversation a little bit too deep. I got a little explicit. I basically just asked if he wanted to suck on them (Oopps) and he never really answered me (Thank God). I "lol" and changed the conversation and then it ended. I never asked for him to meet me anyway. I never asked for his number. I never went beyond that. It was COMPLETLY a joke and I thought he knew of this. I never spoke like that to him before and I thought by myself being so foward with it, he would know it was a joke as well.

Unfortunatly, he didn't. I saw him after work a few days later. I said hi and asked how he was. He then pulled out his phone and asked me for my number! I was shocked. All I did was smiled, said "huh" and acted like I didn't know what what he was talking bout. He asked me again and I said the same thing. He then became angry and said "Oh, you going to act like that?" turned and walked away.

I, of course, understood that he did take it the wrong way and thought I was coming on to him. Yes, I can certainly understand why. You just can't say certain things to certain people without them getting "feelings" for you. Some people you can joke around with and left will still go on normally. I tried to apologize. One time, I even went to his desk to say something to him and he actually gave me the "hand" and said "BYE!" (Yes, he put up his hand! Who still does that? lol). I tried IM'ing him again and he wouldn't answer me back! So I am certainly not about to bow down and break my legs to apoligize to this man and he is acting like a damn child and wont even talk to me. Yes, I dissed you but act like a man and grow up! After awhile, I began to say hi to him and he said hi to me. He acted like everything was fine and there were no hurt feelings.

Last Wednesday, my manager calls me in her office. She gets a call from the manager in Human Resources and she wants to meet with me and my manager about an instant message. At this time, I had no idea what she was talkign bout. That whole situation happened in September so I wasnt even thinking about it anymore. I got to the Human Resources manager's office and we sit down. She then goes on to tell me she is doing an investigation regarding a instant messenger conversation regarding "piercings". She named the person I was talking with and gave me the printed conversation to remind myself of it. My heart began racing! I just couldnt believe it! This man actually went to Human Resources on me! She then began to discuss Sexual Harrassment. She said I wasnt fired and that it wasnt really Sexual Harrassment but misusing work equipment on work time. But, she still wanted me to take a Sexual Harrassment course where it is her talking and let her know when I finish it.

At the end of the meeting, I was so pissed off! I was pissed off at myself for joking around like that. I was embarrassed my manager (Whom was another woman, but it still was embarrasing) had to read the conversation and know I am nasty like that (lol) and most of all, I was PISSED THE FUCK off because his grown ass knew I wasn't trying to harrass him. He was just pissed off cause I didn't give his ass my number and I dissed him! And he is being petty as HELL about the whole damn situation and thought to get back with me he would go to Human Resources!

So what if I DID give him my number? Would he still have gone to HR? I don't think so. I wouldn't even be writing this blog right now if I just gave that man my number and just made his day! He is a pissed off man and wanted revenge and went to try and take someone's job away as a result.

I was wrong ... but he is petty as hell. He needs to grow up. Rejection is a part of life. And now I see why his ass is still fucking single. He got a problem...a real problem.


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