Monday, November 9, 2009

Valued Life Lesson

I hate losing good friends. I hate losing good friends for stupid reasons. Most importantly, I hate losing good friends because of horrible boyfriends.

I had lots of great friends throughout my college career. One in particular was Shanna. We met my sophomore year and had a lot of things in common. We had the same major and had tons of classes together. I went to dinner with her other friends as well as outings and even to church. She was actually my only Christian friend in college that I could talk to about God. You can defiantly say we were pretty close. We even graduated from college together…sat right next to each other and took pictures.

After college we both went back to our home towns. We both grew up in Detroit. She still continues to live there but we still lived 15min apart.

Almost 2 years ago, I started my journey on finally getting my license (Yes, I got it at 24yrs old. I was a late bloomer), in which I did, and then started saving my money to buy my 1st car.

Up to this time, my parents and sisters were taking me to and work and they were not happy about it. I was CONSTANTLY getting yelled at because they were tired of taking me everywhere and always asked me again & again when I was going to get my own car. I had only $1500 and got really desperate because I wanted my family off my back so I started asking around to see if anyone was selling cars. Shanna told me about how her new “older” (31yrs old) boyfriend looks for cars and hooks people up all the time. He fixes them up and sales them. So I started calling him and asked him more about this “business” of his because I was now getting desperate for a car and needed help. Because I knew Shanna for 4yrs and I trusted her…I then trusted him.

That was my biggest mistake.

I told her boyfriend of the car I was looking for and my price range. He tells me he finds these cars at auctions and buys, faxes and sales them. He told me if could find me something but at auctions you will need something to put down so he needed $500. Being that I “trusted” him and he knew what he was doing (I knew been to a car auction in my life so had no clue on what went on at these) so I gave it to him. He then tells me he bought a white car (Forgot the name of it) and the price is $1500 and now the mechanic has it and he is doing whatever he needs to do on it.

He then tells me the mechanic needs more money to continue to fix the car. He wants $600. I then tell him I didn’t feel comfortable giving him this amount of money anymore and I haven’t even seen the car yet. So I made him sign a promissory note basically describing the intentions for the funds he is receiving and if I don’t receive a car within another month, I want all my money back. He signs it.

Unfortunately, I never received my car. I started calling him like a stalker ex-girlfriend to give me my money back…even threatened to sue. Her boyfriend continued to lie, lie and lie more about where the car was, that the car was getting still getting fixed, the mechanic broke his hand on something on the car and he couldn’t work (Yeah, I know). He even lied to Shanna and told her he did give the money back to me and she called me right after and I told her hell no!

Shanna felt really bad about the whole situation. She was the one who gave the Go Ahead to his “business”. She said he never did this to anyone before. She then told me she is in a bad spot of being in the middle and doesn’t know how to deal with it. So after that conversation, I stopped calling. It was obvious who wears the pants in that relationship.

So I sued him. He never showed up because he is a coward (And a lot more that I will not go into detail about) so I won. I then could decide how I would get my money back. Of course I wanted to take it from his checks. But I needed all this information in order to do it. And since I didn’t have the info I had to pay more money to do this and that. It just became a drag and a big burden.

Shanna and I friendship began to deteriorate more and more. We stopped talking. Before we stopped completely she even said she will pay me back with her tax returns. I told her that would be nice but that’s not her job. Her man took my money and continued to lie to her face and said he gave it back to me. If you don’t have honesty & trust in a relationship what do you have?

Oh yeah….she also lost her virginity with that piece of shit of a man and became pregnant the very 1st time. So now she is having a baby with a man that aint worth shit! And probably continues to lie to her. A man that will fuck over one of her best friends and don’t even freakin care.

I really wanted to reconcile the friendship I once had with Shanna. Before I deleted my Facebook page, I sent her a message. I wrote how I missed hanging with her and we should do something soon. Of course, it couldn’t be at her place (They lived together) but just go out and hang. She sent me a message back saying she was pregnant again (WTF, this was a girl that never wanted a man to touch her! She has sex one time and can’t stop having babies now, I guess) and of course I was shocked. I told her congrats and gave her my number and for her to please contact me back.

I haven’t changed my number in a year. She hasn’t called yet.

P.S. I eventually got the number of the mechanic that was working on the car (Don’t remember how) and HE actually did hook me up with a great car. It was a 1990 Buick Lasabre and I still drive this car today. I am now looking for something younger! Lol

Unfortunately, I never did get my money back. I just look at it as a very valued life lesson learned…

Never Trust Anyone


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