Thursday, November 26, 2009

Un-Welcome Guest

Yesterday, my friend Carilyn and I went to Emagine theature to go see New Moon. It was amazing like I knew it would be. I love the theature we went to. It had an open bar and of course I got my Long Island (Thats my go-to drink now-a-days) and it was sooo strong and good! Yum!

After the moves we went over to Hooters to eat. I never ate there before but heard the food was good. Which it wasn't. I had a fish sandwhich and fries...fish was hard and the fries was under cooked. Never will go to again...

While we were there a mutual "internet" friend we talk to sent Carilyn a message asking her if he could join us (Im assuming he readd her tweet in knowing where we were. He said he works across the street and was so close so he stopped by). I met this guy on Yahoo Messenger...maybe in a chat room. I have talked to him on there for yeeeeears. But we never met. I have this thing that I keep internet friends...internet friends and real life friends....real life friends. How him and Carilyn met on the internet...niether her nor I really know the answer to that question. I have a HUUUUGE hunch: Me and him were talking over the chat one day about a party my friend Carilyn was going to...it was called the Black Party a lot of people here go to. He was going as well. He claimed maybe he knew her...I said I highly doubt it. Next thing I knew, he was following her on twitter...all of a sudden he's Facebook friends with her. I became a little bit angry cause I believed after he and I had that conversation that he took it upon himself to go to my Twitter (He & I are following each other) look for her, follow her and then look for her on Facebook. She doesnt know him. She didnt think anything of it because their mutal friend on Facebook is another guy she knows so she just think he added her because of him. Why I dont think so? Because this guy is a lame...while we messaged each other he constantly asked for pics of me, relationships, do I got a man, my friends I could hook him up with. Its like he was basically being a little desperate and my gurl is starting to feel the same way cause she now getting the same 21 questions. No, I dont think he is crazy...someone just want hold hundreds of conversations with you for more than 5yrs and never try and do something (As in asking to meet constantly)...just think he wants a little more female attention.

Back to the story, so once Carilyn told he could come (Which she really didnt, but she was being nice) he shows up 10min later like he was outside waiting for her response. All of a sudden he there standing saying hi...ummm ok. The conversation was ok. But for some reason it was just a little bit awkward. You could tell he was tryin to talk to my gurl and she def wasnt interested. lol I was getting a little drunk because I had another 2 Long Islands :). I asked him why he wasnt drinking. He said he had to get home and clean his apartment! I looked at my phone and it was around 8pm! I was like ummm ok. That made me think he was more of a lame that I thought! I then told him I would buy him a shot...just 1 shot. He said he used to drink all the time but doesnt anymore like that. Every now and then. Ok ok ok. So he didnt take it so I let it go. Our food came...he claimed his food was cold to get more food. Carilyn thought he was being cheap and wanted to get more food. lol

After eating, we went over to Lucky's. Its a fun place with lots of games and arcades...and a bar! We bought a card with money to play. We just paid $5. Carilyn thought a real gentleman would have padi for me and her to pay. I understood where she was coming from but it wasnt a date or anything...but I understood. We played some games. We then went to the bar. Carilyn got a drink. I just got water because I had to sober up to drive back home (Dont drink and drive!). All of a freakin sudden...he WANTS A DRINK! Im like I offered you that in the restaraunt and know he wants it! But I am a woman of my word...but he didnt want a shot. He wants a drink. I asked him what kind. For a person that used to drink allll the time, he had no clue. Dont remember what his favorite drink was or nothing...so you know what he got...Rum & Coke. I just started crackin up. I told him to get a man drink. lol He laughed and he still wanted it so I said fine. Carilyn had a small amount of wine left and he asked for it. I guess to front he could down it or something? Yeah...big man!

I can read people so well sometimes. I dont understand why he had to lie and say he used to drink all the time. With me, you dont have to lie to kick it. I have at least 1 friend that doesnt drink. I dont try and persuade her to. Im fine with it. Life goes on. lol He obviously didnt know what he wanted cause he didnt know what kind of drinks are out there...so he got the easiest one he could think of. And probably the lightest...just a baby drink...or maybe Im just an alchi! lol

So we are finally leaving and Carilyn and I are going to my car and he to his. On the way to my car, he claims he will walk us to my car. Im like ok. As we are walking, we dont even get to the parking lot...we are about to cross the street to get to the cars and he says "Ok see you guys later". I say "I thought you were going to walk us to my car". He said "ITS TOO COLD!" Are you serious? YOU volunteered to walk us. We didnt ask. And now all of a sudden its too cold? So we said fine. Bye. And we started walking (I was lauging...in disgust). He then says ok he will walk us but can I give him a ride to his car. I just looked at him...then looked away thinkin "Is this brother fo real?" By the time we got to my car, he says he is pretty near by and says he will walk. I give him a hand slap and say holla!

So it was a fun night....


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