Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trying To Help...

I have said in previous Blogs I don't have many close friends. And the close friends I have I try to best to keep them that way and do everything I can for them.

One of my friends have a mutual associate. This associate has done crap to both myself and her. I told the associate how we are not friends and the reason why. We will never hang out. But if she does talk to me (On Yahoo) I will answer but it doesn't go farther than that. I refuse to let people think we are cool as hell we when are not.

A couple months ago this associate camr to my gurl's home...unexpected...not calling...just showing up. Of course, she didn't answer the door. Just ignored it. My friend doesn't like coming and telling people they are not cool. Which is a little weird because she is pretty blunt with everyone else...but not to people that really need to hear it.

Today, I was speaking with this person online and she mentioned going to her house and her not answering the door. So, I just let her know. I basically told her that my girl doesn't consider her to be a friend and they aint cool like that and never will be. She then got very defensive and asked why my friend sent her a friend request on Facebook. I said I didn't know and all I could tell her was what my girl told me. She then got angry and wrote my gurl a message on Facebook. I was thinking "Oh great!" I was so mad at myself for putting myself as the monkey in the middle when I should have just kept my mouth shut...so I sent a text to my friend to give her a heads up of what just happened and she was going to get a message from her.

My friend then texted me back very irritated and that this was childish and she doesnt care and she is over the whole situation and I should have never said anything.

I felt horrible. Why did I say anything?

I then check my Twitter updates. My friend is updating her status with messages of her friend circle is getting smaller and smaller and she is okay with that. And that she is tired of fake people. Is she talking about me? This little thing I did...trying to help...and now she is calling me fake? Is it that serious? I never even asked. I didn't want to know the answer.

The next day I asked her a question about something different and before she answered the question she asked if I was going to say sorry regarding what I did or just ignore the whole situation.

I then apologized and said I was wrong. I then said if she was okay with having people come to her house unexpected and not say anything to them about them not being cool like that...fine. Its your business.

Was I that wrong? Me and my friend have never got into any kind of fight in the 11yrs we have known each other and to call me fake...wow! Hopefully she was speaking of someone else....

Next time I will know better...


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