Saturday, May 14, 2011

Turning Up The Burn

I was doing the Insanity workouts...almost finished but I got very lazy before my trip and decided to let it go until after I came back.

Before I went to the Bahamas, my computer got a horrible virus. It wiped out all my pictures and my Insanity and Turbo Fire workouts I had saved on it. I got the workouts from a friend of a friend. I didn't think nothing of it and asked if I could come over to her house and she can put the workouts on my computer again. She said yes and basically gave me the run around for over a week. I basically got fed up and just decided to buy the DVD's myself via beachbody.com

I really don't understand what is people problems lately. I am really starting to feel that I can not depend on anyone but myself.

For example, my mother volunteered to take me to the airport. Come the morning of, she has this big attitude that she is mad she is up and has to take me and said she will never do that again. My sister was supposed to pick me up when I came back. She was fine when I asked and the hours before she is supposed to pick me up she texts me " Don't ever ask me again to do this. I don't want to be bothered." Excuse me? My own sister. The ONE AND ONLY time I ever needed someone to pick me up from the airport. And I ALSO told her I would give her gas money!

It's just makes me so sad and I am tired of it. I can't wait to get my DVD's in the mail so I can start back on my Weight-loss Journey and I am going to take it from there. I have to, unfortunately, stop asking people to do anything...the few times I ask since I am such a burden to people.

But I am very excited about Turbo Fire. I chose to buy this instead of Insanity because Insanity was pretty hard and I felt like its more of a toning workout and I am most trying to lose weight. I felt with the weight on my body I couldn't do some of the exercises. It did get easier but it was still hard. I am hoping to lose 20-30lbs with Turbo Fire and then go back to Insanity after for toning up (Which I will also buy and not ask whats her face). I am excited to start back working out. Turbo Fire is 90 days long so I have a way to go. 

And of course, I will let everyone know how I am doing along the way.




I read this post and then did some research and I may buy this program. It looks like a good time and a great workout. I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

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