Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Shine Project

Have you heard of The Shine Project??
This is Ashley.  

She is the creative genius behind The Shine Project.  Check out her blog here.

She is spreading shine around by doing all sorts of charitable acts of kindness.  She sells these adorable necklaces and the proceeds go towards a scholarship for inner city school college students!  How awesome is that?!

And now she has also started selling her Shine t-shirts, just like the one she's wearing in the picture above.  This way we can all get involved with a Shine Project in our own community!  I know I'm inspired to start doing just a little more...

- donating clothes to charity
- organizing can food drives
- volunteering at a beach clean-up

To help the Shine Project, I just put in my order for this fantastic necklace with a rose charm for $12

 Are you interested in spreading the shine?!




I heard about this and think it's fabulous! The necklaces are really cute, and I might actually buy one too.

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