Saturday, May 21, 2011

Be Confident

No one is perfect, yet we live in a world which idealizes a certain way we are meant to look, behave and think. We are bombarded continuously with these images and ideals of perfection. If you focus on any negative too long, you will start to believe it’s true. Rather than focusing on all the ways you don't match the ideal, try to focus on all the positive ways you can outshine it. Each of us has unique skills, talents and strengths. Self confidence comes from accepting yourself. We are never meant to be perfect or to have all of the answers, so recognizing this takes an enormous pressure of your shoulders straight away. Often people seek acceptance from others around them, waiting for someone else to say that you’re ok. This does nothing to improve your self esteem or confidence – it simply gives away your power to someone else. The only person you should be seeking validation from is yourself. By getting to like, love and appreciate yourself, your inner confidence grows.


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