Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bahamas Here I Come ... AGAIN!

I am officially on vacation and will be headed to Nassau, Bahamas tomorrow. Will be on the Cruise Ship in Miami, FL by 4pm EST TOMORROW! I am so freakin excited. Even though this is my 2nd time going, I am just happy to be away from work and away from everything!

Earlier this week I did get a little bit irritated. I am going on the trip with my best friend and needed a ride to the airport because everyone I knew was busy. I asked my friend if I could ride with her. We have different flights, unfortunately, but her flight is an hr before mine so I thought getting there earlier is better than late. I texted her if I could drive there with her. She said her other friend is taking her. I text back "Oh ok, can you ask if I can come over to your house and we can all leave from there." She then said she will ask her. 
Even though this convo is via text I still felt awkward and felt that she didn't want to ask. Which I dont understand. We are both going on vaca at the same time, going to the same airport and ON THE SAME CRUISE. So why can't we go to the damn airport together.

If she was me and I had the ride I would have NO problem TELLING not asking whoever is taking me that "Hey the other person I am going on the trip with needs a ride and she will me us at my house and we can go from there."

But my mother told me she is not working and gets up at 5am anyway and can take me. 

That really irritated me but I am not going to stop that from me having a great time.

I just feel like I can't depend on anyone lately. I have been trying to get this Winery Tour together but no one is calling me back with prices LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD. The girl who I am going on the Cruise with said her father knows someone who does Winery Tours and I have asked her twice to please get the info for me but she still hasn't. I am not going to ask anymore.

My computer got a virus and it wiped out hundreds of my pictures and my dvd's of my Insanity workouts so now I need my other girl to put them back on my computer. I have asked her 3 times and she said she will text me back. I am going to ask her 1 more time when I come back from the cruise and if I dont't get a reponse I will buy it myself.

How hard is just a text message saying NA or YA!

I am going to wipe out all the negativity today and start pacing and getting myself together for my trip...





ENJOY YOUR VAcATION!!!! I love cruises :) I try to take one every year :)

I feel the same way sometimes when it feels like I'm always there for other people and I can't depend on them to do the same for me.

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