Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing Out Of Friendship

I am sure a lot of people have gone through this. Starting in Middle School you may have a group of people you hang with. by the time you get to High School the group gets smaller or some "members" may change.

By the time you graduate, go through college and start meeting new people, things can start to change with the friendship. The strong friendships usually last throughout all the years.

You start getting older. Start meeting even more people. May even get back in touch with old school buddies.

People start important jobs, have kids, have more important tasks to do.

I personally, have been doing the "club and drinking" thing since I was in college and have been out of college for 5yrs for a total of 9yrs. I am tired of it. I am tired of drinking and getting drunk, going to the club and looking for a man that aint looking for you. Its useless.  I am almost 30yrs old. I am in a committed relationship with a man that has never been into the clubs. I am not looking for a man, so there is really no reason for me to go out anymore.

The past couple of years I have noticed my friendship with one of my best friends fall a little. I really don't know why. We have been friends since high school. Never had an argument before. Always got along. recently, she has reunited with some girls from our high school from younger classes (I don't even remember them) and they have been hanging out A LOT. I have been seeing her tweets and she tweets about them always going out. To dinner and drinks and never invites me EVER!

And when we DO go out. It's only me and her. She never invites anyone. It's almost like she is trying to hide me or something. I really don't understand why.

I really haven't even seen her since our Cruise in 1st week in May and she hasn't said anything to me but a losy Happy Birthday via Twitter.

It just makes me sad. But then again, when I really think about it...she does go through her friends quickly. She was best friends with another person we both knew from high school (Actually all 3 of us were very good friends but I stopped talking to this person when I went to college and we never kept in touch) and suddenly they just stopped talking also...for no reason. She was friends with ANOTHER girl and stopped talking to her because the chick was cock-blocking because she was trying to get laid (Weird reason to end a friendship but okay). And this same girl, she never brought her other friends around her because she said she was "dingy" and didn't want her to say anything stupid around her "new friends". Sometimes I feel that is what she is thinking about me.

She invited me in maybe March or April to a Breast Cancer walk for May 22nd with her. Told me once about it. Never reminded me or confirmed if I was still going prior to the walk. Didn't tell me how to register. Of course, I completely forgot. Next thing I know I am seeing her tweeting pictures of her and 4 other girls at the WALK. I'm like, thanks for reminding me!

I'm sure she was talking about the walk prior to the date (Via Twitter), but I am following over 500 people on Twitter so I am not going to see and read every tweet she makes. It sucks. It makes me feel that she invited me to not seem that she was leaving me out but really seems that she didn't care if I went or not.

It really makes me sad. Guess we are just growing apart...


Not who I will be

It really sucks when friends grow apart. I've actually been trying to rekindle friendships that I had back in middle school (or at least I've reached out to three people in the past month and it's gone pretty well). Unfortunately, I don't have a big group of friends anymore (none that live in the state at least) and it's hard to watch more and more friendships fall to the wayside.

Honestly though, if she's not willing to include you or to put any effort into your friendship (which seems is the case) then maybe the friendship isn't worth holding onto? Sometimes we just grow out of people as we grow into new people.

Good luck! I'll be following to see how it turns out!

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