Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Back

I am back from the Bahamas. It was fabulous. I was there from May 6th-9th which was short but nice.

It was great weather. It was over 86 and up. So nice and hot. We laid out, drank and just ate and ate...well, I DID! My friend, Carilyn, was acting like she was on some diet but I defiantly ate for the both of us!

Since this was my 2nd time going, I really didn't take many pictures. I probably took less than 20. The 1st time I went I took over 200 so  I really didn't think I needed to take as much.

When we got to the Bahamas the first thing we did was take a horse carriage ride around the city. I believe we were downtown...I forgot to ask.

 My friend Carilyn

Gorgeous private beach we went to.

The waiters do a dance at last dinner.


The whole trip was great. I did notice there were some awkward moments between me and my friend. I felt there wasn't much "talking" but a lot of just silence. She wasn't smiling that much and when I asked she said nothing was wrong. She even got up early while I was sleep to go to the pool by herself...like I didn't want to go. I know everyone needs space to themselves but it was a 3 day trip! lol I don't know. Maybe I am being paranoid and thinking too much into it.

I know next time I am going with my man. He always knows how to have a good time and has LOTS to talk about! Maybe since we have known each other for so long she doesn't have much to say to me anymore...who knows.

Unfortunately, I didn't forget to bring sunscreen and got sunburn. It wasn't too bad though. It did start peeling but getting better since I am putting Aleo Gel on it.

So I took another day off when I got home to relax and now I am back to work. Hope everyone is having a great day!



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