Friday, April 22, 2011

A few days ago in West Virginia, Melissa Lee Williams, 41,
decided to give her estranged husband a visit, four doors
down at the 77 Motor Inn. At the door, she proceeded to
undress and asked Danny Williams and his friend Adam
Watson to perform oral sex on her. Though Williams
refused, Watson told police that he agreed to do as
she demanded.
However, when Watson approached Mrs. Williams, he recoiled
from her “horrible vaginal odor” and refused to follow through.
It was then that she pulled out “a lock-back folding knife”,
pointed it at her ex, and said these magic words:
“Somebody is going to eat my pussy, or I’m going to cut your fucking throat.”
Not to worry, a police officer got there in time, took the knife,
and arrested Melissa Williams. She was released from jail after
posting the $3,000 bail, and will appear again before the court
on February 16.”




i was a woman and looked like that... shit< i would do the same. LOL

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