Sunday, April 3, 2011

Romantic Night


Roses and limes smell awesome together. Limes are a great way to dry up your oily skin. Lime juice has citric acid which sucks up oils found on the surface of skin. Limes help reduce acne breakouts on the skin also and shrink pores. 

Grab a bowl & mix together: 
3 cups of liquid milk or 2 cups of powder milk
 2 Cups of real rose petals 
Rose Essential oil 5 Drops  
3 limes 3 drops of lime essential oil

Slice two limes and squeeze the juice into the bowl with lime oil drops. Add 1 cup of rose petals to the bowl with the milk. Mix up the ingredients and pour it in the tub. Slice the last lime and add the slices into the bath tub. sprinkle the remaining 1 cup of rose petals into the top of the bath water. Jump in and enjoy! 



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