Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update About Everything

Since I just got finished drinking a whole bottle of Sutter Home Moscato Wine, I thought I would BLOG! 
I am getting very excited about my vacation to the Bahamas in less than 2 weeks. I have now bought all my dresses and sandals. I can't wait to get some time off work...which I am hating every min.

I have been trying to get my Winery Tour together. I have been trying to compare prices of 2 companies but one of the companies never got back in touch with me. Up until the time he was supposed to get the prices together he was really professional but never got back in touch with me. That really irritated me. I am trying to give you money but obvisously he wasn't trying to make any. So I am still on the search...

 My 27th Birthday is 1mnth from today. I still can not believe I am almost 30! I still remember being young and wanting to be all grown up so I can do this and that and now that I am...I can't believe how fast I got here. The things I have wanted to do and become. I feel that I am not there and it makes me so sad. I know I still have the world at my hands and I am still considered "young" but I do feel so old.

I did graduate from college, which is defiantly an accomplishment and I feel so blessed. I just thought, career wise, I would be doing SO much more. And that breaks my heart. Yes, I have been at a company got almost 4yrs, but its the same position and a dead end job at that...with only ONE raise.

I am hoping and praying to move to Chicago to be with my boyfriend later this year and I pray to God higher positions become avail in the bigger city of Chi. 

I am so excited about the Spring and Summer coming. If you live in Michigan or the surrounding cities you will know how awful a past winter we just had. And I feel like we are still having...it did SNOW a week or two again. I am ready for the sunshine, the pedi's, the cute sandals, not having to wear a coat. I can't wait! 

So enough of the good stuff, now onto the  IRRITATION.

My cousin came and lived with our family almost 2 years ago when her roomie, which was her brother got married. She didn't want to move back in with her family because she comes from a BIG one and has 7 little brother and sisters living there (I wouldn't want to move back there either). She got married in late Feb and moved out. Unfortunately, the guest left some things behind: A coat in MY closet, some dusty house shoes and her damn BED!

I did my nightly workouts at home, in the basement and in my sister's old room. She moved out 6-7 months ago but now she is back because she wasn't getting along with her roommate. So now I have to move my workouts to the den. Which is where my cousin bedroom was. 

My cousin claims her brother was supposed to get the bed once she moved out. Its now been almost 2 MONTHS and the bed is still here! I texted her that we need this bed out because we need this room and her bed is, of course, IN THE WAY.

She texted me back...yea, my Phil is coming...blah blah. I text him and he confirmed he was coming. 2 WEEKS LATER AND THE BED IS STILL HERE!!!

I think it is soooo rude! We give you a place to stay and once you move out you leave the biggest item you came with here!?!? There is a family that lives here and needs all rooms! And she even called my mother and lied to her saying her father will then come...HE HASN'T EITHER!

So I basically took the bed apart and its leaning against the walls in the den. I am still angry about the whole situation. My mother is acting like she doesn't care because no one really uses the room (Good that we DON'T) but me. I am getting attempted to sell the shit myself or just give it away to another family member!

You can't help anyone out nowadays.



I would super annoyed too. I definitely would give your cousin a deadline to get rid of the thing or else you will! Craigslist style :)

I hope you get to move to be closer to your BF! Chicago is a lovely town!! 27 is still pretty far from being 30! I'm turning 26 this year!

Kristen S.

LOL I am very excited about Chicago and yes, 27 is not old but it still scares me...its like "I'm REALLY a grown up now"

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