Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Day Countdown


     On May 6th, I will be going on my 2nd Cruise to the Bahamas. It will be for 3 days in Nassau, Bahamas and I am so excited. Last time I went was in 2009 with one of my best friends, Carilyn and I am going with her again.

It's such a inexpensive way to get away and have a great small vacation. Laying out on the decks, eating and drinking all day and everyday (For everyone who has never been on a cruise, food and room is included). We had a ball. This is my friend's 3rd time going. I actually didn't want to go back to the Bahamas, but, she did invite me so I accepted. I just hope next year we can do something different....maybe JAMAICA!    

We went on Carnival Cruise Line as we are doing the same this year. We paid off the trip (Only $360pp including tax) and I got my plane tickets for $250 (From Michigan to Miami) which I thought was such a great deal!




I've been to Jamaica 4 times, highly recommend it!

Kristen S.

Was that a cruise?

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