Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Beyond Facebook

 I was on Facebook for a very long time. I still remember when it first came out. It was only for college students and I believe I was a Junior in college so it had to me 2005? Somewhere around or in that year. I didn’t get on it at first. A lot of my friends where on but I didn’t feel the need because I didn’t know what it was and nor did I care. Someone told me it’s just a profile where you add friends and leave messages. Didn't interest me at all.

Later on, friends were talking about it constantly…whether it was about a funny drunk picture or something someone said on someone’s wall. So I became intrigued and registered an account myself. I fell in love and it defiantly made the time pass by extremely fast while I was in college and waiting for another class to start. 

Since I have graduated from college I have other responsibilities where I can’t be on the Internet 24/7. Thus, I don’t have time for Facebook. I also stopped communicating with a lot of my “friends” on there. I didn’t even talk to a lot of people through messages and no one ever contacted me so I felt what was the need? I am never on there and I am certainly not trying to keep in touch with anyone. I felt the people I am close to and still in touch with knows how to contact me. I was getting even more tired of all the unnecessary emails I constantly got from people inviting me to events and trying to get me to join a group! It started to get very irritating. So, I basically stopped going on Facebook for weeks sometimes months at a time. Therefore, I decided to deactivate my account.  

And let me tell you…people were APPALLED! They just couldn’t believe it! 

“Why would you ever delete your account!?” 

“Get back on!” 

“Why would you do that? I cant live with out getting on Facebook everyday!” 

“I cant believe you did that!” 

How about because I have a life outside of Facebook! 

Deactivating your Facebook account doesn’t mean you are deleting it, which I thought it did. All it does is “hibernate” your account like a little bear. You don’t get any more emails, no messages and no one can see your account and add you as a friend but if you feel that you want to get back on all you have to do is sign on with your old email and password and your profile is back like it was when you left it…same friends, same messages in inbox and same old messages on wall. And that’s what I did. During my “hibernation” I felt that I did lose communication with some people…like family I didn't see all the time and some friends! They wouldn’t answer text and pick up their phone but they answered you when it comes to posting comments on their wall. Which I thought was ridiculous! 

After a year of “hibernation”, I decided to get back on the Facebook train and thought I would give it another shot. And it was the saaaaame way. Some things about it changed but I still felt extremely bored. I just don’t care about people putting up drunk and funny pics or commenting on peoples wall so other people can read it. What really got me feeling weird is when people put up their whole life stories on their status messages. I am not one who cares to know about people tired of not finding love and women taking other women’s man! Sorry. 

I was on there for a couple months and decided to again delete my account but this time it was for good. I also deleted my MySpace, which I actually was OBSESSED WITH but it’s NOT the same either anymore.  

I don’t feel any sorrow. I don’t feel any pain. And I am glad. I am glad my email box is cleaner! 

There is life beyond Facebook. I am glad I don't have the urgency to log onto my computer and posts pics of what I did the previous weekend or be the first to say Happy Birthday to someone or find what my middle school teach is doing. Please! 

My primary Social Networking addiction right now is Twitter. Which I love. People say its pretty dumb…BUT THEY DO THE SAME THING ON FACEBOOK…UPDATING THEIR STATUS EVERY 5 MIN. But the difference on Twitter is there is less drama. Less people to care. People are not cussing other people out in status messages. I honestly think its more "laid back" I guess. I love following comedians, quotes, Bible verses etc...see its more to do on there...

Twitter to me is less stress. Its more simple. Its not just updating your status messages. You can also send messages to other people and there is always a topic to “tweet” about which I love because some people can be so funny. The more people you follow, the more fun it can be! Please try it before you knock it. Follow me at here. And I will love to follow all my Blogger friends also!




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