Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time To Get Insane


                                                         For almost a year now, I have been getting into working out more. I want to be healthy and lose some weight. I decided to try Insanity because I heard it was just that...INSANE. I love doing Cardio and noticed the workouts I was doing wasn't really pushing me. I needed something harder. And Insanity is JUST that.

The workout is for 60 days. Working out 6 days a week from 30min - 1hr. I'm on my 2nd month right now. Unfortunately, myself being a big eater and loving to eat, I haven't really lost much weight. I am going to the Bahamas May 6th so I am really trying to do better. The 2nd month is way harder so I hope because of that and eating more healthy I can lose something before my trip.

For those newbies that are trying to get down with Insanity, go at your own pace. You're just getting started. Break a sweat (Which will be hard NOT to do), work out for 45min and don't give yourself a heart attack.

I actually bought a Heart Rate Monitor that, I purchased from Amazon, so I know I am within my range and burning calories.

Let me know if you have any questions. Stay healthy!


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