Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Tired...In Need Of A Break...

Hey Bloggers!

Haven't been posting in awhile. I have been working 55hrs a week and have been sooo tired. But I am still here.
It's funny how my friends are always asking me to go out but I decline because of all the hours I put into work and how I need sleep when I am not working and they get pissed! I just don't understand that...maybe cause some of unemployed where they can go out every other night and chill. For some reason, it cant get into their heads some people still have jobs and want to keep them. Maybe I need to stop working and get into the fun...hmmm...maybe not...lol

So, in my last Blog I wrote about myself needing a change and was thinking about getting nipple rings. Well, I thought about it and I decided I really want them and will get them! I decided against the tattoo. I have no idea where I want to get it on my body. The only place will be my shoulder. But, then I thought on my wedding day. I would maybe wear a dress that may show some skin and don't want a tattoo showing in my beautiful pics and don't want to put make-up over it to mess up my dress (Don't know why I am thinking so far ahead but thats just how I am) so I may take a rain check on that unless I think of another place where I would really like it.

I am heading to Chicago to see my boyfriend for the long holiday weekend. I am leaving Sep 4th and when I get there I will be getting the rings so he can hold my hand through the pain! lol

But nothing is new with me. Just working and saving my money. Applying to more jobs in Chicago. My heart and my other half is there so that is the place I need to be.

Can't wait until this next weekend! And I will def let you guys know how it went!


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