Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't Know What You Got, Until She's Gone...

She is your typical “girly-girl”. Loves to surround herself with positive people. She grew up in a great family. She is very respectful. She doesn’t like violence. She even hates guns. She always liked guys. Guys liked her. She was never a slut. She has a great sense of humor. She loves to laugh. She loves to have a good time. She wants to find love. She wants a commitment. She wants marriage…but she can’t seem to find a good man.

“She” is my best friend.

It really saddens me how there are so many wonderful, faithful and trustworthy women in the world, but where are the men to stand by them? My best friend and I known each other since freshmen year of high school so, of course, we have seen guy’s come and go. I have had 2 boyfriends since then and she hasn’t had one in a very long time. And I can’t seem to figure out why. Is she a totally different person with guys than she is with me? She wants to find love so bad. And I am not talking about good sex for a couple months…I am talking about real, deep, emotional adult loving.

She has had so much hurt in the past. Men have used her, no respect; she gave her all and got nothing back in return. One year for Valentine’s Day she got a room at a very nice hotel and made up the room very nice and romantic…rose petals and all. She worked very hard. The guy she was seeing came into the room and acted like he didn’t even notice. And to be a bigger asshole, he didn’t even bring a gift for her or acted like he cared! It makes me so mad. She is such a good person. And she deserves better.

I began to think maybe it’s the age. When we were 20 & 21, no one was ready to settle down yet and still in the party scene. Now we are both 25. I went and got someone 10yrs older (Who was ready to settle down 5yrs prior lol) and she is still pealing through the bad batches to get to a good one.

Now, she believes she has a good guy. But, unfortunately, he has a girlfriend of 7yrs (And a child with her), and I don’t think he is leaving her anytime soon. He claims they are not the same as they used to be and don’t even have sex anymore. Both he and my friend have gone on dates and he hasn’t even tried to anything sexual. He even told her he wants to spend his birthday with her. Without the girlfriend hiding in the dark, he’s a great guy. We all actually went to the same high as well…

But could this be just another barrier holding her back from the real true man for her? Only time will tell…

I hope and pray she does meet her true love. I hope she finds the man that knocks her off her feet and loves her like no other. Every woman and man deserves it. Everyone deserves to experience unconditional love at least once in a lifetime.

I hope those guys that thought she was nothing, thought she wasn’t worth it their precious time, thought they could find better, wanted only to make their relationship a sexual thing…I hope you realize you really missed out on a something special. A real gem.

Some men just don’t know what they got until she’s gone…


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