Monday, August 3, 2009

Little Update...

Hello Bloggers! I haven’t written a blog in some time. I feel like its been forever…been really busy working and sleeping.

Today is my 2 & half yr Anniversary with my boyfriend. I guess its not really an anniversary…just the half point. I am probably the most romantic person in the world. I love celebrating anything I can. I was actually really excited we have made it this far and of course I wanted my boyfriend to be as well, but to my dismay, he wasn’t at all. He didn’t care…at all. He said that it didn’t really matter to him and what does matter is the actual date we got together as a couple. Which I can understand…but dang…can I at least get that you are happy for us to get to the half point?

My boyfriend has told me since we got together how he doesn’t wear his feelings on his sleeve..which I have still not gotten used to. I still try and talk mushy and want him to say “I love you” everyday but I know its not going to happen and this was another situation we had a little disagreement about but I am not going to get into that. Its kinda weird for me still but that’s the man I fell in love with I guess…

Anyways, I need to get myself back on track when it comes to my dieting. I kinda fell off for a couple weeks. I got my period (I have REALLY REALLY bad cramps on my period and cant really work out. My doc gave my some scripts so hopefully it helps) and then my knee started killing me because of the hard workouts I was doing.

Even though I have been working out for a couple months now, I feel I am still not getting the results I am aiming for. My Doc has been pushing for me to get on Weight Watchers so I am going to finally take her advice and do it. I have done it in the past and it actually helped. My hesitation towards it was primarily because I don’t want to limit myself and not be hungry. But my biggest problem was, I tend to overeat. So I had to nip in the bud and just do it!

So I will let you guys know how it goes…

No other news than that…didn’t have to cuss out any co-workers lately and my Bi-Polar co-worker has been cool too. Lol


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