Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Am Not Going To Settle

“I am not going to settle”

So what does this sentence REALLY mean? You not going to settle for someone that is ugly? You are not going to settle for dark skin people…people with big ears or bug eyes.

I think these days people are taking these words a little over their heads…

Today at lunch time a few of my co-workers were having a discussion about how its sad how “young women these days” are in relationship where their boyfriends are degrading them, speak to them and use them any kind of way they want. I don’t know if they were speaking of anyone in particular (Reminds me of that situation where my co-worker send me that message on the work messenger, mistakenly, saying how my boyfriend is “intimidating” me…but that story is in a previous blog...go check it out. Called "Messenger Scandal") and I surely didn’t ask. And of course I agreed no one should be in any relationship where there is always negativity flying around.

My co-worker (The one that I seriously think is Bi-Polar) then says how she is not going to settle for any man. And I replied that I wouldn’t settle for someone that disrespects me constantly either. She then said that was not all she is talking about…she was referring to money and allll the glory that comes with it! She said her ex-husband made over $40K and she was used to having that and will not talk to a man with less.

First off, she hasn’t been with her ex-husband in over 5yrs so you think she would have gotten used to that by now.

Second, why is it always about money with people now a day?

And I am not trying to be mean by saying this next thing by any means necessary boys and girls so if you get offended, my bad…but a lot of these people that that I have spoken to that want wealth and gold in their mates…they are not really doing much with their lives thier own damn selves. Yes, they may have a 9 to 5 job, but how much are you making a year, sweetie? Yes, you went to school, but did you graduate? I am not trying to be mean or angry under any circumstances…I know its great to want more for yourself. Always look higher. But why look down on the man next to you when both of you are in the same place financially?

Yes, I know its pretty great. Money can buy you tons of things but what ever happened to just loving someone for who they are?

What if they did make $40,000/yr, but their profession was a cab driver, garbage man, or maintenance worker?

A woman I know told me one time how she was at the gas station and this guy was trying to talk to her. She said he was really cute and defiantly her type. She even gave him her real number. But then as he walked away, he got into a cab and drove away. She then said she wasn’t going to accept any calls from him because of the fact that he was a cab driver. And she knew this was pretty shallow of her but that’s just how she is.

I can understand wanting the best of the best, but just because that man was a cab driver didn't mean he was going to love her any less? He could have loved her more than she ever knew a man could, but she would never know that because she thought he didn’t make a lot of money…and you never know…he could have been living in a mansion with 6 cars surrounding his house and he was just driving a cab as a hobby! lol

My thing is don't set so many limitations that will block you from someone that may be meant for you.

That garbage man could give you the best years of your life!


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