Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time To Get Your Priorities Straight…

We all have been there. Getting drunk every night. Getting all cute and sexy to go out to the clubs. Getting extremely drunk. Making out with guys/girls…your best friends. Puking everywhere. Peeing in bushes. Being loud, rude and obnoxious. Telling everyone you love him or her. Falling down everywhere. Getting kicked out of clubs for drunken fights. Coming back home with someone you don’t know and having wild sex. Having one nights stands. Staying up til 5am. Not remembering what happened the previous night and getting someone to tell you.

I am not afraid to say I have been there. And, no, I am not referring to every single thing I listed…but some. And, yes, it was fun…while it lasted. One day, you have to grow up. You have to get out that drunken rut and actually become an adult and grow up. Now, I know it’s hard, but life is hard too.

I have a friend. We went to college together. We were and still are the best of friends. I have seen her through many boyfriends. Three to be exact. I have also been there through all he cheating…HER cheating on THEM. When we were in college, I didn’t think anything of it because of the fact that we were in college and we were young and she eventually broke it off because she wasn’t ready for commitments. I understood.

She is now in another relationship with a great guy. They have been together for close to 2yrs, maybe a little over.

She has already cheated on him twice.

Most of her infidelities occurred while she was extremely intoxicated. I have never used alcohol as a reason to anything I should not have done. It should never be the reason. The problem she has is that she gets extremely drunk. She is slurring words. She’s flashing people and peeing on the sides of cars (And this was just 2 weeks ago). And the next day she has no clue what happened. To me that is pretty scary. And this has been happening since college. I blacked out 1 time in college and it scared me so bad I never drunk that excessive anymore. I kinda like to know what I am doing when I am out in public.

My theory is: if you know when you drink a lot that you get crazy, horny and don’t know what you are doing. Stop drinking excessively.

We are all getting older. Some people are not really into the club scene anymore (Like myself…yeah I’m the granny that sits home, drinks wine and watches Lifetime and Chick Flicks) and just like to concentrate on work and families they are forming. She is not forming a family anytime so but she works like crazy and in a relationship. Therefore, there is no need to get crazy drunk, have sex with someone and cheat on your boyfriend, not even remember you did it then feel sorry about it. I love you like a sister, but, let’s admit we have a slight problem, fix it and get our priorities straight. You only have one liver, sweetie.


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