Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can You Please Ask?

One of my friend’s birthdays is coming up later in the month. She told me about a month ago that she really wanted to do something and would like me to help her find something to do…and to come as well of course.

I said of course I would help out. I really wanted to do something she would like because of her birthday plans did not go so well last year. What happened was she invited 5 or 6 of her friends to go out to a club with her and celebrate…and all of them bailed on her on the day we were supposed to go out…til the very last hour before we were headed out. I was the ONLY one who actually went. I even invited my co-worker to come and called her to confirm hours before we were supposed to go out…I didn’t get nothing but straight to voicemail again and again (I was really pissed at that. And she acted like nothing happened when I saw her again at work…but whatever…that’s bitches for ya). But her and I went to dinner then to a nice neighborhood bar and still had a good time…so that was good.

As many of you should know, Maxwell is on tour and he is actually going to be in my city, Detroit, September 26th. Her birthday is the 29th so of course she wanted to go! Her husband is even buying the tickets for 4 of her girls to go as well! So I thought that was very nice of him.

My friend called me this past weekend to give me more details of her birthday on Sep 26th:

5pm – Red Lobster for dinner
7:30pm – Maxwell Concert
11pm – Hit the club

So I said that’s sounds pretty fun. I asked her everyone that was going and then I asked who was driving. She said one of her friends would be spending the night at her house because she doesn’t want me to have to go all the way on the East Side of Detroit to pick her up. I asked her why cant her friend drive? She said she doesn’t have a license. I then said it doesn’t matter to me if she driving with a license…that’s her problem if she get flicked. My friend then asked, “Oh, you don’t care if she drives your car without a license?” I then asked why would she be driving my car and my friend said because she doesn’t have a license nor a car…. nor does the other girl going and I already knew my friend does have either prior to this as well.

So basically, what she was saying is: I am going to drive us everywhere that night and didn’t even bother to ask me.

Its not because I am just lazy and don’t want to drive but because of the fact that she didn’t ask and just assumed. I was there once too when I didn’t have a car. It took me until last year before I got my license. Yes, I was 24yrs old and just wasn’t ready to drive on my own…I was basically scared of semi’s but knew I had to get over it cause I was TIRED of people taking me everywhere.

My boyfriend told me maybe she thought because her husband is paying for my ticket she just assumed. I guess I can understand that as well…yes, I do appreciate her husband buying my tickets. But lets not forget…he OFFERED and I didn’t ASK. But she still should have asked. I don’t go many places but to work, home and to my other girls place so I don’t get around much (Mainly because I work too much and like to get in sleep on my days off) and defiantly don’t know how to get downtown Detroit (Which is where the concert is being held). But I guess I will Google everything and hope someone in the car know where the hell we are going…

What are my Blogger friend’s thoughts about people “assuming” you are going to do something for them?


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