Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Change Is Good

So I was sitting and watching TV with my girl and all of a sudden I said that I needed a change. Something different...something crazy...something dramatic.

So I decided I will get a nice sew in (I think all my ladies should know what I am referring to) and a tattoo. I dont have one so I thought it would be fun. Something nice and cute like a butterfly or a rose.

The the other day I was at work I remember a few months ago when my boyfriend asked me to get something and I didnt even think to answer cause I knew it wasnt going to happen.

But because I wanted a dramatic change, I said to myself, what the heck...just do it.

So, instead of a sew in...bear with me people...I decided I am going to get my nipples pierced! And no, I am not kidding. Im sure it will be painful but one of my best friends has it and she said the pain is worth it at the end.

Does anyone out there has it done already. My friend told me she knows someone that got it done and that person told her it hurt so bad she couldnt get the other one done. Is it that painful? I know pain is different for different people so...maybe it wont be that bad for me...WE SHALL SEE!


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