Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Messenger Scandal

I have been working since I was 16. I have held 6 jobs since then. I have gotten along with all of my co-workers and upper management. Of course, there is going to be gossip here and there. I have done it and I am sure there have been individuals who have gossiped about me.

I have been at my present employer for 2 years in mid September. I remember on my 1ST DAY of work, while I was being trained my Supervisor had told me to not talk to too many people because there is a lot of gossip that goes around. I nodded my head thinking, “Ok, couldn’t be that mad. There is gossip everywhere.”

That day, I have lunch with another Supervisor and another co-worker. They basically told me the same thing. And then the Supervisor began talking about OTHER management. I was set back at this point. I have never been in a company where on the 1st day of employment I am warned about department gossip then hear management talking bad about other management. Of course, I knew that occurred…maybe back and forth between people that are on the same level, but in front of lower level employees that you are over? Never.

In the “almost” 2yrs that I have worked here, I have never heard so much gossip IN THE WORKPLACE in my LIFE! And it’s everything you can think of…from people getting fired, to Supervisors having an affair with employees to Supervisors getting demoted. Lol It’s crazy!

Early February, management divided up my department into 2 parts. My part was more of the successful group who has achieved more and they wanted us to do other projects. It was also smaller…about 13 people compared to the other group, which were about 50. I loved it. Less commotion, less people to see, less drama, less everything!

But, then it started again. You see, management gave us the option of downloading Yahoo Messenger. We can just send a message to another co-worker or a Supervisor without having to get up or send an email and having to wait another hour for a response from that. Of course, a lot of us have been using it just to have casual conversations not work related and I know I am guilty of that.

My co-workers know I have a boyfriend. They know he lives in Chicago and they know I am trying to move there to be closer to him. And that’s all they know. They know nothing about him personal and they have no clue about him professional.

Monday and today of this week I haven’t been feeling well. I had a huge headache all yesterday and I started my period today and have terrible cramps because of it (Sorry men out there lol). So, I haven’t been really social to everyone. I been keeping to myself and while everyone was asking me why I was so quiet, I just said nothing and kept working.

This morning I came in to work, turned on my computer and once on, turned on my Yahoo Messenger. I had 3 Offline Messages (For those not familiar with Yahoo Messenger…when you are offline and someone sends you a message you automatically get it once you log back on). The one that stuck out was from my co-worker and this is what it said: “and i know you are right, she has to learn on her own.......but tell me how he can be so intimidating to her all the way from Chicago, how is a dude gonna control you from another state and you say he wont even come here.....please” This message is obviously talking about my boyfriend and I (Whom lives in Chicago) and how, for whatever reason, they think he is controlling me? I don’t care what it means, I don’t care what the person that sent it thinks of my boyfriend, but I do care how my name is once again being thrown in the dirt…and somehow my poor boyfriend is coming along as well (Which really angers me even more because these people DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM…LET ALONE HAVE MET HIM!)

The even more sad part about this is that the person that sent this…she obviously meant to send this to another person. But by her “talking bout me” she made a mistake, picked my name from her Messenger List and sent it to me. This person is someone I have gone to on many occasions to discuss OTHER things I wanted to talk to someone about. I told her about my future wedding plans (Not engaged but ever so often I fantasize about it lol), my wedding scrapbook I am making, problems I have had with other people, the hours we do at work, how I cant wait to move to Chicago but never personal information about my relationship. I told my boyfriend about the situation and he said I should ask her about. Just ask if the message was meant for someone else and see what she says. He even said I should print it out and let her read it herself. I thought this was a great idea and did just that. I didn’t have an attitude when I did this and just smiled and waited for what she was going to say…and guess what it was…”I was actually talking to Pat (Another co-worker) and these first few words are mine but I don’t know where the rest came from” She then began to explain how maybe the IM’s got intertwined like the phone lines…when you can hear other people phone calls…maybe that’s what happened here and this is someone else’s message. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhattttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, I know she is new to Yahoo, but that just doesn’t make since at all. Whoever you send the message to…THAT PERSON IS GOING TO GET IT! You fucked up! Yo ass got caught now cough the TRUTH up! I am tripping so hard on her because this is someone I confided in and trusted. And it hurt that she stabbed me in the back…and for some reason, she is not the first…

Another co-worker I was getting close to stood me up a couple times when I invited her to go out. I let that go and we start going to the gym together. Talking everyday on the Instant Messenger. Same co-worker, I told her about my cousin that was PLAYING HER ASS so she wouldn’t look like too big of a dumb ass that she was dating a married man (And I hear she is still talking to his ass...damn bitch, is the dick that good!)! And you know how she thanked me? She stops talking to me…claims I did something to piss her off and when I ask her about it she doesn’t want to tell me why and then continues to not talk to me. Which is fine. One less bitch to deal with.

ANOTHER co-worker of mine is fucking Bi-Polar! One day she is talking my fucking ear off non-stop and the next she has a damn attitude and turns her WHOLE fucking chair around to have her back facing me and doesn’t talk to me for the rest of the day…then the next day she is hyper as hell again! I can’t take this shit! I aint used to meeting people like that!

I am already stressed at work because I am not getting paid enough and I am working 55hrs a week … Why is my life and my relationship so damn interesting to people?!?!

I am here to do 1 job. WORK. I am not here to meet friends. I would have liked to along the way but it looks like that shit is not going to happen. Therefore, leave me alone; leave my business alone and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, KEEP MY NAME AND THOUGHTS OF MY MAN OUT OF YOUR HEAD! I don’t know how else I can make that clear!

P.S. Instant Messengers are a dangerous thing (Especially for me…I don’t know why I keep getting messed up in these Yahoo scandals lol). If you don’t know how to use it, I suggest you don’t!


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