Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ladies, I Have Heard It All...

We can have Yahoo Messenger up at my job to talk to other co-workers about work things rather than email, but of course, I have to be the bad girl and sometimes use ot for my own personal use. I was a little bored so I went into a Yahoo Chat and this guy started chating with me. I love Yahoo Messenger! I been on there since I was in middle school so I know all the games when it comes to Instant Messenging lol.

I told him up front how I got a man (I like for men to know so they know I am NOT going to have cyber with them..yes people still do that). We came upon the conversation of couples living together then marriage. I told him when I do live in the same state as my man I would like to have my own place and then maybe talk about living together at a later date. He agreed and said thats exactly what he likes because he gets tired of women and don't like to be with them 24/7 plus he wants to be able to "miss her". I was like oooookay and told him that eventually I would like to move in with my man but right now we straight just living separately.

He then went on to say how he knows how he is and he will get tired of being with a woman every single day so when he does get married...him and his wife will leave at different houses and see each other maybe 3 times a week (He doesn't want to see her everyday). I was so confused when he said this so I asked if there a big reason why you wouldn't want to see your wife everyday? Is the only reason because you want to be able to miss her? Guess what he said ladies..."u're misunderstanding me. i would love her for her inteligence, poise, grace etc. thing is if i see u everyday i loose my admiration". I couldn't believe what I was READING! So I said that he must not really love her if he loses admiration for her that freakin quick.

He then went on to say its his "theory" that when he lives with women he begins to see the flaws in the person that he didnt see before. So I asked what the flaws were...I hope you are sitting down gurls! This motha fucka said, "dont hate a brother.... shes got more cellulite than i noticed before. she really aint all that with no make up on." Gurl's, I had to take a step back from my computer cause I was seriously about to hit something. I couldn't believe there is a man out there thinking like this...what if there's more? So this is what I said to him...first I asked what the hell he looked liked. He said he was 6" and weigh 225 but his pic looked like he was 260. He claims he lost all that weight. I couldn't really see his face but he wasn't no Terrance Howard! I then told him "no one is perfect. If you want a flawless barbie doll go buy one cause you not going to find one in this world. Even if you do, people age. We winkle, we have babies and get fat and our titties hang. What are you going to do...pay for her to go Dr. 90210 everytime you want somethng nipped and tucked? Thats crazy. What if she thought that shit of you. She woke up one day and said your dick too little or you too much of a fat ass or you just to plain ugly for her? Does that make you feel good? Thats really fucked up shit...you know you aint perfect and by the shit you just was saying looks like you got a lot of growing up to do and you almost damn near 40 (He said he was 34yrs old). But thats your opinion and your life so live it to the fullest." But I really think if you REALLY want a long lasting...

He understoodd where I was coming from but insisted that is how is he. I told him good luck in finding a woman to fullfill THOSE needs cause thats fuckin CRRRRRAZY!

I then asked for him to tell me how he would tell women his theory (He has said before he has had numerous women cuss him out when he talks to them about it) and said he never would actually tell women he is dating! Wow. I really feel bad for the woman who get this man...he's def a winner!


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