Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ladies, I Have Heard It All...Part 2

This is the conclustion of my Blog, "Ladies, I Have Heard It All". Before I posted that Blog, I told that guy that I was talking about that I was going to write a blog about him because of the craziness he was talking about and I just wanted everyone to know. He said he was fine with it and all he asked was for me not to put his screen name. A in it and I agreed.

Today, I was on Yahoo Messenger again and he IM'ed me about the Blog. I told him to go read it. The 1st thing he commented on was the description I wrote about him. He said, "defamation of character is coming up fo sure".

I told him thats what he decribed he looked like and that was my first impression from what I saw from his pic. Then he was made how the comments were basically calling him immature (Which he is...so whats the problem). He then said, "terrance howard... i aint flva flave either. And for the record its mostly muscle when i bulk up during winter" (Which I could care less about). Then he tells me he is going to file a lawsuit and in his lawsuit he is going to tell them what I do on company time (Sometimes when I talk go him on Y! Messenger I at work) which is none of his BUSINESS! So I dont know where he is going with that. That shit don't scare me and I told him how does he know I don't talk to him while I am on my lunch?

I then told him I was getting irritated and he said he should be the one thats irritated because I "broke that confedentiality "yahoo code"' I said that I told him what I was going to write so what the fuck he is problem? I asked him what was he really mad about? Was he really mad about the Blog or that I said he wasn't no Terrance Howard and asked him why he was crying. He said he is tired of trifling people are. And then he said this: "Its all good blog lady. I dont care to terrance Howard in the least. But thats how u high yellow people do it. House slave mentality but its all good."

And you know what? I didnt even go it his level. I knew he wanted me to argue back and maybe if I was face to face with this bitch I would have but I am not one to argue over the net. Its childish as hell. So I told him to take me off his list and never IM me again. I am not AT ALL scared of his crazy ass lawsuit..cause HE HAS NONE! I told him everything I was going to blog about so...come on...come up with something better than that!

He's a bitch and near 40yrs old and still single because no respectable woman WOULD EVER have a serious committment with his black ugly ass!

He is the one that should be sorry evr made me mad. Because ofths I am giving out his screen name, ladies if you ever want to IM him to cuss him the fuck out!

His screen name on Yahoo Messenger is blackpharaoh74.



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