Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Every since I was younger, I always wanted to have many friends. I wanted everyone to like me. I loved the idea of having a lot of great girlfriends to go to when I was having problems or just to go out with. In my eyes, having great friends were a necessity because who doesn’t have friends?

As I got older, I noticed how women minds change and they start to argue more than men, gossip and even hold grudges for a long period of time. There are a lot of women who are hard to get along with. I never agreed with this before, but as I get older the more I believe its true. You never hear men saying “I aint hanging with him because he always talking bout me!” Men don’t do petty shit like that. I am sure there are some out there but the women are outweighing men in this category. They all hang out and actually get along! Thank God, I have a great and versatile personality where I have never had a problem communicating or getting along with anyone. People love me! I have a great personality, have great communication skills and I very good listener.

I have heard so many times women say they have a lot of male friends for this simple reason: They can’t get along with women.

Why is that? Are you that immature or that stuck up? Are your friends not enough sluts for you or do you keep taking your friends man? Are you a hater and just get jealous easily? Or are you just a plain fucking bitch? I am not calling any particular woman out, but a situation I have had recently just got me thinking about this…

I recently wrote a Blog titled ”Miss Independent Woman”. It was about how I don’t agree with women dating men who have money for the simple reason to have them pay for everything. I think people should grow up, make their own money and support themselves (If they can’t financially that’s another story but if someone is deliberately trying to get with someone because of the fact they want their bills paid…that’s a gold-digger). This Blog was a rebuttal from a Blog I read from a co-worker of mine. That was her opinion that she wants a man to pay for everything for her and it was mine to voice the opposite of that. That’s what Blogs are for…to vent and voice your opinions however you like. The url on this site is http://www.livefearconquer.blogspot.com/ so if you don’t like what you read please move on. These are my opinions and my views.

I believe this person read this particular Blog because she stopped talking to me unexpectedly…for months. I was very surprised, because like I said before, I get along with everyone…I don’t have problems with anyone…I don’t argue (Unless I have to) I am pretty loveable…seriously (LOL). So I asked her if I did something wrong and she said I did piss her off but now she is over it…but she won’t tell me what I did. Which I thought was pretty immature. If I have a problem with anyone (Especially someone I thought I was tight with), I would let them know why they made me mad and move on…someone people rather hold grudges and rather ruin something that could have been a great friendship in a mess.

So I decided I am through. I am so tired of reaching out to people who don’t give a fuck. I am 25 and I have great friends (I don’t have much but I rather have a few then a lot of bitches who claim they got my back) behind me, I have my man, family (When they getting on my nerves) and God. That’s all I need. I will continue to be nice and courteous to people, of course, but I am not going to go out my way to hang out with people (Get stood up a couple times, but that’s ANOTHER BLOG PEOPLE), befriend them and they get mad about something so little and petty and never want to talk to me again in life. What’s the point? Seriously. That’s a thing you did in high school. We are grown! I would never stop talking to someone for them expressing their opinions. But then again…I really don’t know if this is the reason…this is a really good guess…because I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary so…if its not my bad (LOL But this has turned into a really good Blog and everything I have said it still true regarding women not getting along with other women).

So I am going to continue to live my life…continue to write what I want and how I want to. Continue to work and make my money and pay my own bills and handle mines!

I am a very open-minded individual and love making friends so everyone is welcome in my world!


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