Monday, June 8, 2009

Real Talk

Never thought I would have to do it. But I deleted someone's comments today on my previous Blog I wrote.

Before I got into the body of the Blog, I wrote a disclaimer: I know this is an extremely touchy subject. I will try to make this blog “nice” as possible but please be aware these are my opinions. I am always honest with myself and always want to be honest with my new friends here on Xanga. I feel here I can write about anything. I dont know anyone personal so I feel like I can really branch out and tell my feelings...tell what my soul is feeling. And I have been.

I never want to upset anyone but this is my Blog. I always want others to comment and speak what they feel. Even when its the opposite. Because I feel we are all adults...some of us young teenagers but everyone still has an opinion. I dont feel that I should be yelled at and told my opinion or my ways of living my life or my beliefs is wrong and nor would I ever say such a thing to someone else. Someone did that. He wrote very hurtful things about my beliefs and it was uncalled for. I dont like to debate, I dont like confrontation and I dont like to discuss certain things because of the fact thats some things are not debatable (If thats a word).

Please continue to post comments to my Blogs but please refrain from saying very cruel, hurtful and childish things here because those comments will be deleted and if you take further action I will block you. If you wish to not read about my thoughts, my feelings and my life, please delete me from your friends list.

I appreciate all the new friends I have made here and all the wonderful, funny and fantastic comments I do recieve on my Blogs and please keep them coming. I love reading all your Blogs as well and I will never comment anything rude to anyone. Those comments will be kept to myself...and I will just tell my friends!

I do want to apoligize to everyone (Except this particular person) if I did in fact hurt anyone feelings.

Hope everyone is having a great night!


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