Friday, June 26, 2009

Go Cry Me A River

Hello Blogger Readers,

Not too much has been going on. I am still pretty saddened of the loss of Michael Jackson. It’s still so shocking. He was a great entertainer and God defiantly blessed him with much talent. You will truly be missed, Michael.

I just think it’s so funny how people say how much they love and adore music artists and may buy their CD’s here and there…but AS SOON AS THEY DIE…they are getting posters, putting their pictures as backgrounds on their computers, and hurrying to the stores to buy all the CD’s they DIDN’T buy when the artist was alive! I understand you want to get memories but, you were not picking up their albums, posters and what no when they were alive…how are you helping them now that they are dead?

That’s a fan…but to a certain level. Yeah you like the person, you can maintain to listen to their full songs when the come on the radio and if a concert pop up on the TV, maybe, you will watch…I was a Backstreet Boys FAN…HARDCORE! I had every single CD AND cassette tape! Everything I saw them in a magazine I cut it out and put it in a PHOTO ALBUM! (LOL And I took this to college ALONG with my BSB BOOKBAG!) Every time they came on TV, I got a blank tape and TAPED THE WHOLE SHOW (I believe I had 3 full tapes of clips of their videos, shows they did and concerts. I randomly sat and watched them when I was horny for the BSB)! Now, to me that’s a true fan. I didn’t wait until they all died and then went out and got everything their face was on. And you know what…I STILL listen to their music and I am hoping they come together again and make a freakin movie or something cause I will defiantly go see it! Now that’s what a fan is. But that’s just my opinion…

As in my previous Blog, I discussed how I am trying very hard to manage my funds better and to purchase things that are “needed” and not “wanted”. Well, I will like to say, for the first time ever, I have purchased my own Laptop! I got it from QVC and it is a HP Pavilion and it’s 15.4in. The color is gold and it is so beautiful! This is something I need (And wanted) and its all mine! I bought it with my own hard earned money and it felt great! I haven’t been using it a lot yet, because I work so much and when I get home I pass out but I defiantly will this weekend…so can’t wait for that!

Another thing I realized is how fast “associates” come and go (Maybe that’s why there are associates, but you get what I am saying). For those you don’t know what I am referring to…associates are people that you don’t “claim” as your friends…for whatever reasons…maybe you don’t trust them enough, you don’t know them well, you talk every once in awhile…whatever the reason may be…they are not apart of your “real friend” circle. I have had PLENTY of associates in my life. Most of them were because I didn’t trust them and wasn’t going to bother to let them into my life. And others were because I didn’t know them enough and by the time I thought we really good friends…we stopped talking for whatever reason…

One situation that recently just happened was myself being very friendly to a particular person (Female). In the beginning of us meeting, we got along fantastic! People were asking if we knew each other from other place. All of a sudden, for whatever reason, she stopped talking to me. This is someone I talked to everyday so when this happened, it did make me wonder if I did something wrong, which I know I didn’t, so I didn’t let it phase me and stopped worrying about it because I thought maybe she was just going through something and would come around when she wants to (Especially knowing how females can act sometimes. They may hear something and hold a grudge for the MOST childish things). After months of not talking, I finally see her and I said excited, “Hey gurl!” and then she said, without even looking at me, “Hey” and kept walking…with a straight face. “Wow” was all I said in my head. I don’t know what I did or maybe I didn’t do anything. Maybe she just doesn’t want to have that relationship with me as before. I thought we were beginning to become really good friends…I let her know things I really didn’t need to let her know about. I could have sat back and let someone (Someone in particular) make a fool of her, but I didn’t because I value the relationships I have with certain people because of the “good relationship” (Meaning, I don’t find good relationships with people often), but maybe she thought otherwise. But, like I said before, associates come and go. I am very blessed I do have the one great friend who has stayed the longest…from teens to real women…love you Mz. CeCe (LOL).

This is starting to be a long Blog, but I have one more thing to talk about. I laugh every now and then about this because I really think people believe I am a dumb ass and they can get over on me. I just talked about how people will stop talking to you without giving a 2-week notice (Song by Fantasia…Love it!) and there are other people who you cuss out and TELL them you don’t want to talk to them anymore and they CONTINUE TO TALK TO YOU! I fell out with a female because she told someone something…that in which told my sister…that was only meant for her ears. Let’s call this person Dana. Dana is someone I met when I was in middle school…and hasn’t seen her since! I found her on MySpace and we talk every once in a while on there or on Yahoo Messenger. I have never told Dana any personal business of mine…this was the first time (And the LAST). I asked Dana why she told this person my business and that I will never feel comfortable telling her anything else about me or basically anything at all that would come out of my mouth and that I never want to speak to her again. Dana says she never said anything. People, DANA WAS THE ONLY PERSON I TOLD! So, I asked how else would my sister find out? She claims she doesn’t know! And we have this crazy back and forth…back and forth. We then don’t speak for months…she then contact me on Facebook and I have NOTHING to say…she then sends me something on Yahoo Messenger. I start to have simple conversation and she says something smart on why I can’t let anything go and that I am acting “stupid”. That’s when I blew up and said, “If you just tell me, right here and now, tell me the truth…if you told her…I would let this go and never bring it up again.” She then she lied again and said no. Now, maybe its me, but I seriously don’t understand if I tell 1 person something…and it ends up where 2 other people know…that person I told MUST have said something! Am I wrong? Dana fought with me tooth and nails saying this didn’t happen…but, I can’t make anyone tell the truth so, I guess only God and her will know what really happened. The point I wanted to get across is the people who you don’t have a problem with suddenly can stop talking and leave you alone forever and the people you always have the problem with…constantly coming back to bite you in the ass again and again. Can’t win...


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