Friday, June 12, 2009

Miss Independent Woman

Hello Xanga Reader’s! Haven’t been on here in awhile because I have been soooo busy working and making that money! Lot’s all things have been going on in my life and I will be writing future Blogs to explain…so stay tuned.

I just got finished reading an associate of mine blog and I just became so irritated SO MUCH! It was basically about how women shouldn’t stay with men if the men were not “paying them out”. What is that? So, I guess all women today are all gold diggers?

I don’t understand why women have to fall in this stereotype that a woman can ONLY get into a relationship with a man ONLY if he “balling” and paying all your bills. Yes, I am sure it is nice when you don’t have to worry about your finances but it comes a time in life where you have to look in the mirror and say to yourself “I’m over 21 and it’s time to grow up”. Get a job (Doesn’t have to be a 6 figure one but something would be nice), get your own car and start making and buying your own things. I don’t see how hard that is. I do it and the “adult life” has been working for me just fine! Hell yes, I would like to sit on my ass and watch my reality TV all damn day but making my OWN money and have my OWN, HARD WORKED MONEY in my bank account…PRICELESS!

And what is wrong if a woman has to pay her man’s phone bill every once in a while? Why can’t a man have a woman who likes to spoil her man? Why is it always the man’s role to pay everything? Where was that written in stone? Please, let me know…

I remember I was in my car listening to a radio station about a clip from a “Dr. Phil” episode. The show was basically about married couples who are going through serious problems and need counseling because they can’t handle the recession the world is in right now and thinking about getting a divorce. Are you serious? I think this is the most difficult time most people have EVER gone through and these are the time where we need to help each other the most. I think it’s immature and some people need to grow up. How bout you put aside your cocky, conceited, stuck –up….whatever you want to call it…attitude and help your men out!


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