Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Happened To BLOGGING?

I've been Blogging for years and my blogging as always consisted of my life.

Of course, over the years things change. People started blogging about celebrity gossip, fashion, health and beauty etc. Which is great...if you are into that sort of things. Since I started a new Blog here on Blogspot I, of course, wanted to follow other Bloggers. I love getting in on the insight of what people are doing, how their day went, did they find the love of their lives that day. But as I look through this site at everyone's Blogs there are TONS of Blogs about fashion, makeup, interior design even mom's have their own kid blogs about their kids (So surprised its so many of those), which is FANTASTIC! Kudo's for those people and the readers that love it.

What happened to JUST blogging about your life, your day. I rarly see blogs like this anymore. Maybe I'm a bore or something but those are interesting blogs to me. Fashion and designers are ALL over TV. Which I watch a lot of so when I come to my Blog site, I don't wanna READ about it. And I LOVE makeup and I'm becoming great at it. But I like looking at makeup tutortials on YouTube. I rather see it done than read about it.

I am still going to look around the site to find more blogs of my interest and I really hope I do. I understand everyone has their own sense of what blogging is and what they want to write about but I just wish I could fine more on what I'm used to.

That's exactly what my Blog is going to be about. My life. From day to day. My joy and heataches. What ticked me off that day and who got on my nerve. What made me cry and what made me smile. And some pics will be along the way.

My Blog is REAL.



I feel the same way, its so hard to find blogs about random life now, everything is about kids, celebrity stuff or random very religious blogs!

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