Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Blog Design

How cute, clean cut and professional is my Blog now! I think it is AMAZING and I can't believe it's MY blog! I even have a cute signature too! I got this Blog custom made for me by Noor over at So Sweet Designs.

Noor was super nice, fast (A lil over a week) and she is so talented in what she does. Just look at this blog! All I had to tell her was my vision and she went from there! You can also see other Blogs she has done and a whole list of her Blog Packages at her site. She even has some free templates that are too cute! I researched a lot of different custom design sites before I found her and her prices are VERY reasonable when compared!

So, if you want a great, professional and fancy look to your blog, please pay a visit to Noor's site and trust me...YOU WON'T REGRET IT! :)



You are so kind and thank you for everything you said. It was a pleasure working for you :)

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