Friday, March 25, 2011

Driving Irritates Me

I was a VERY late bloomer when it comes to getting my license and driving. Reason: I was TERRIFIED of semi trucks. I still am a little bit. I always KNEW how to drive. My dad is even a driving instructor so I drove with him a lot. When I turned 24 I finally passed my road test (Took me about 5 times. Had major trouble BACKING UP into the spot) and saved up to buy my own car (1990 Buick Lasabre) which I have had for almost 3yrs now. I do love finally being able to go anywhere I want. Not having to ask anyone if they can take me here and there. But, boy, are things starting to really irritate me...

Because of my small fear I still have of semi trucks, I RARELY drive on the freeway (AKA Expressway in some cities...depending on where you live, I guess) so I take the roads everywhere. The roads I take to work are pretty much very slow because I go through some small cities. Its starting at 30mph then eventually goes up to 45mph but thats not for awhile. I have gotten sooo many tickets for speeding and I am so tired of paying those fuckers so I am doing the speed limit...maybe going over 5 if I really know there are no police around...

1) ... But I HATE people that have to speed and go soo fast KNOWING that its 30 or 35mph. Get on the damn freeway yif you want to go over. Thats whats its for! Where are the cops when you see all these speeders? Guess they just come around when they see my Buick.

2) ... I also hate people that are trying to get to where ever the hell they are going that they have to swirl in and our of lanes back and forth from car to car! This pisses me the fuck off I dont know why. Sometimes I wish I was side by side with another slow car so we wont let the fucker through. OMG I can't stand that so much! GET ON THE FREEWAY or to a bigger street with a higher mph!

3) ... Sometimes the speeders are not the problem. Sometimes...its the people who go UNDER the speed limit! If you can't hit at least what the speed limit is...get off the road. You shouldn't be driving. Get someone else to take you or get on the damn bus. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD. Because that's' how accidents start with people driving wayyyy to slow!

4) ... Signals are great invention...along with the car. It's there for a reason. I, personally, don't feel that I should use mine unless there is someone behind me to let know I am going to turn. Which makes sense...TO ME! But making people stop hard because you want to be an asshole and turn when you feel like turning...and sometimes a SLLLOW ASS TURN that takes 5 damn min is UNACCEPTABLE! Fo real!

5) ... And don't let me get started on the tailgating. I don't do this AT ALL and this is the truth because its WRONG! When I was learning how to drive with my dad he always told me "If you don't see pavement between the car in front of you and your bumper...THEN YOU ARE TOO CLOSE" And that is the truth. Why do people do this? Do this do this to irritate other people because it works! It really really does! Sometimes people are soooo close I can't even see their HEADLIGHTS anymore because they are too close to my damn bumper! That's insane! Back up! One of these days I am going to stop on purpose and GET PAID OUT MY ASS!I am starting to realize how some people get so much anger and road rage. People out here are CRRRRRAZY! They are in a rush to get everywhere and it's not safe. That's another reason why I stay my ass off the freeway. I don't care if it's a "safe way to drive". Not to me. I'm straight. People going 70 + mph...No Thanks!Be safe out there everyone!



I really really dislike driving. I will if I have to but I rarely do, I love public transportation!

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