Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lots To Do

I feel like my life is so hectic right now and that I have so much to do...

1) Right now, I am saving for an apartment and hoping to move beginning or middle of May.

2) As well as LOOKING at apartments and furniture.

3) I am also going on a Cruise to the Bahamas 1st week in May so I am putting down the rest of the money on that as well as looking for plan tickets to where the ship will be docked (Michigan to Florida).

4) I am also making plans with another girlfriend for a trip to Vegas in September which I will be paying on soon.

On top of all that, I'm working 10hrs during the week and 4hrs on Saturdays and when I come home from work I am working out trying to lose some weight for the Cruise. And I'm doing Insanity...NOT EASY! So I'm also tired all the time.

THEN On top of all of that, I need MONEY to do all of these things. So I'm working my ass off, saving, trying not to spend a lot so I can save more. I just feel like so much weight is on me right now. Unfortunatly, I do not have parents who can help me out or anyone...just me.

But its defiantly my descions to move and take all these trips because I'm young, not married, don't have ANY kids and work...so why not spoil myself!


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