Wednesday, March 23, 2011

100 Question Survey

Years ago when I was OBSESSED with MySpace, I used to do Surveys ALL the time. Made the time go back quick and they were just fun. I am defiantly going to start doing them again and, of course, posting them on this Blog. It gives you guys a chance to get to know me better and makes the time here at work go faster! Here it is:

... THE BASICS ...

1. Name? Kristen
2. Gender? Female
3. Sexuality? Heterosexual
4. Age? 26
5. Height? 5'3"
6. Weight? Excuse me?
7. Eye color? Brown
8. Hair color? Brown
9. Race? Black
10. Piercings? 3
11. Where? All in ears
12. Tattoos? 0

... YOUR CRUSH ...

13. How long have you known this person? My boyfriend, Pete. Known for 4yrs
14. How did you meet this person? Over the phone...
15. What made you like him/her? Personality
16. Does (s)he have any piercings? 2 in ears1
7. Does (s)he have any tattoos? No
18. Smoker or nonsmoker? Smoker
19. Favorite thing about this person? He is so funny
20. Does (s)he know you like him/her? Yes. He IS my man!
21. Does (s)he like you, too? Hope so


22. Color? Blue
23. Flower? Like them all
24. Type of pants? Sweat
25. Type of shoes? Comfortable
26. Tv show? Right now, any Reality TV show
27. Song? Any slow song :)
28. Movie? Bridget Jones's Diary
29. Food? Shrimp & Chicken Pasta
30. Game? 0
31. Candy? Reeses Cups
32. Book? The Bible
33. Place to go? Park
34. Website? Twitter

... THIS OR THAT ...

35. Burger King or McDonald's? McDonald's
36. Subway or Firehouse Subs? Subway
37. KFC or Popeye's? KFC
38. Pizza Hut or Domino's? Pizza hut
39. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
41. White or black? White42. Dark or light? Light
43. Right or left? Right
44. Wet or dry? Dry
45. Cold or hot? Cold
46. Sunny or rainy? Sunny
47. On or off? On
48. Top or bottom? Bottom
49. Up or down? Down
50. Against a wall or against a door? Wall
51. In the closet or out? Out
52. Covered or uncovered? Covered
53. Radio or cd? CD
54. Sony PSP or Nintendo DS Lite? Sony
55. AIM or MSN? AIM
56. Laptop or desktop? Laptop
57. Private or public? Private
58. Rich or poor? Rich
59. Love or money? Love
60. Sharp or dull? Sharp
61. Hard or soft? Soft
62. Thick or thin? Thick
63. Long or short? Long
64. Water or fire? Water
65. Crayola or Rose Art? Rose Art
66. Emails or letters? Emails
67. Sidekick or Blackberry? Blackberry
68. Prepaid or monthly? Monthly
69. MTV or BET? MTV

... LAST ...

70. Picture you took? Pic of my mani & pedi
71. Thing you bought? CD's off Ebay
72. Person you talked to? My co-worker
73. Person you called? My boyfriend
74. Person who called you? My boyfriend
75. Text message you received? Too many
76. Text message you sent? Too many
77. Clothes you wore? Slacks and sweater
78. Type of underwear you wore? Granny...they comfy
79. Thing you said? "I wanna see the girl he's marrying"
80. Show you watched? Some show on VH1
81. Place you went? Work
82. Thought you had? "My period is coming"
83. Dream you had? Don;t remember


84. Cell phones? 1
85. TVs? 1
86. Computers? 1
87. Dvd players? None
88. VCRs? None
89. CDs? 20
90. DVDs? 15
91. Pairs of shoes? Who knows
92. Belts? 0. I hate belts
93. Watches? none
94. Rings? 5
95. Necklaces/chains? Too many
96. Bracelets/wristbands? Too many


97. Do you regret taking this survey? Hells no
98. Are you glad it's almost over? Yes!
99. Would you do it all over again? Yes
100. Will you post it on your page? Yes


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