Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maxwell Concert

Maxwell was here last night in Detroit, MI at the Joe Louis Arena! It was FAN freakin TASTIC!

Chrisette Michelle & Robin Thicke also came along for the ride and they ROCKED the house as well! I love every min...well the performing part. They started an hour late. Chrisette Michelle was the first act then we had to wait 20min for Robin to come on...but it was defiantly worth it!

In my previous blog, Can You Please Ask , I wrote about how the girl that invited me to go expected me to drive and not even ask. Well, when I got to her house, I learned that everyone that went...DID have a car! I hinted around how I didnt want to drive and one of the girls said she just drives to everything and just didnt "feel like it". Which I can understand, but then again I was the ONLY one that drank. Can you please just give the drunk that wants to have a really good time a freebie and just do it!

I really got irritated when we went to a club, paid $15 and we just stood around for 15min! I really dont understand why people go to clubs that dont drink...I thought for the dancing but they didnt do that shit either...so beats me! I wanted a drink so bad! One of the girls said just have one and if I get too drunk someone else can drive. That was my que! Went straight to the bar! So, I I got myself a Long Island and then a Rum with Coke! I was pretty tipsy and loving it! lol

I thought my small high would come down before the end of the night, but I didn't, so she did have to drive back.

Next time she asks me to go out, I will def have my guard up. You just cant trust no one. I swear.

Tried to upload some pics wont pop up.

Ive got some more pics on my Twitter...Follow me to see them...www.twitter.com/luvlykristen


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