Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He's Out Of My Life (Rated PG-13)

You ever sit down and talk to your girls or guy friends about past relationships and laugh. Laugh about how you could ever talk to that person because now he is such a loser and not doing anything with his life. Or because she is now the slut of the town and you can’t imagine what interest you ever saw in her? Or maybe you have just grown up so much and can’t even imagine that person was your “type”?

I was talking to my girl today and we were talking about past men we have been with and so glad we don’t even talk to them anymore…

Before I met my boyfriend I was talking to a guy. He name is Reggie (And yes, this is his REAL name!) and unfortunately he was not close to looking like Reggie Bush (Haha) but that is not why I liked (And I use this word very lightly) him.

I met him while I was in college at MSU. He was music major and that was the LOVE of his life…and I am POSITIVE it still is!

We had a class or 2 together and he got my AIM from Facebook (Damn Facebook) and started to message me. He continuously asked me out so finally I said…what the heck, lets get a free meal and get this over with (I know…kinda mean…but don’t act like you never did it). The date actually went pretty nice. He was pretty funny, attractive and had a nice smile. So we began “talking”.

Now, during this time is when I graduated from college and before I got the job I have now. So, I was basically broke as hell and looking for employment. And he knew this when we started talking. After we go on a couple of days he then begins to tell me that he wants to go out to dinner more but I declined because of the fact that I didn’t have any funds and I didn’t always want him to pay. He then tells me how I “need to contribute more to the relationship”. I told him what do you want me to do? Go rob a bank? I am unemployed and B R O K E! And then he starts to make little side remarks saying when I do get a job I am going to need to pay him back!

So, we basically stopped going out to dinner. One day he calls me and says if I have any money to go get something to eat at T.G.I.Friday’s. I say noooo. So what does he do? He goes by himself and then CALLS me from the table while he eats!!! Telling me how good the food is and how he can’t get enough of it. I told his ass to call me later!

Another time, he wants me to come back to his apartment. He lived about an hour away from me near Flint, MI. He picks me up and we are on our way. When we finally get to city (I forgot where he lives) and he is hungry. So he wants McDonald’s. He claims he doesn’t have any money on him, so he asks me if I would care if got something from the Dollar Menu for me. It really wasn’t a big deal, but then he got a big ass Big Mac meal for himself and SUPER-SIZED IT! Lol We got back to his apartment and he is SMASHING this food! I didn’t even get a damn drink to wash my shit down with! This is when the 1st thought came through this fella may not be the man for Kristen Renee’!

Maybe I could take him being so freakin cheap if he was laying down the pipe…but he wasn’t CLOOOOSE! I love to talk about sex. Nothing surprises me about it and I am pretty open to a lot of things…but he didn’t want to do anything. You know what all he wanted to do? Kiss and FINGER ME! And when I say kiss…I mean closed mouth and with your lips puckered…yes, like a freakin smooch! He told me he didn’t like the taste of another woman’s tongue. I wanted to ask him, “What are you?” What man doesn’t like a good sloppy kiss! He didn’t eat pussy. I asked him about it and he said, “Pee comes from that”. I almost fell out! And he doesn’t have sex either. This is a 25-year-old man! But then it all came clear. Before me, he only had sex 1 time which was 4yrs prior to me and the person he had it with was a virgin also and I guess somebody did something wrong during cause they never fucked after that! So maybe he was just a little inexperienced and shy…and let me tell you something else...a woman can be fingered so much! I had to fake it just so he would stop! I wasnt into it anymore after a certain point, therefore, I would get dry and I guess he being so inexperienced he didnt know (But who can't grasp that a woman is not moist anymore) and kept doing it. And I would be sore for a week cause he kept jabbing his damn finger in me so damn hard! lol FUCCCK!

He always asked me what would I do if he told me he didn’t want to have sex and I answered that doesn’t mean anything if I really liked the person and I would respect that. But he never came out and said it. I just wished he was honest because the whole situation could have been better and I defiantly wouldn’t have been talking about sex so much either. Lol

We also argued a lot. Over stupid things. He always, always, always had to have the last word on everything and that irritated me more than anything! I don't like aruging and I dont like confrontation about petty things.

I was telling my friend I cant IMAGINE how it would be if I was still with him. Well, I know I wouldn’t be. I need more and he defiantly wasn’t doing it. And I am not saying I want to be spoiled and taken out to dinner every night, but I don’t want my companion to be cheap. I am not anywhere near being cheap. If I want something I get it, if I have the money to spare. If my boyfriend needs or want something I will get something for him without hesitation. I need to know if I ever do need something I know I can go to my boyfriend and know he got my back. Nor do I need sex. But damn…is it soo good!

Another thing I believe about relationships is both individuals have to be on the same level when it comes to intimacy. Wheather the couple is both virgins or one is a freak out of this world and the other doesnt like to be touched all the time. It has to be the same. Because if it isn't, I strongly believe that is when one person starts to have "wondering eyes" and will get it else where...if you know what I mean. I know that is not the truth about every single person in the world but it's very important in a relationship. I have seen some fall apart because of that 3 letter word. Therefore, even if we stayed together it would not have been right. Yes, I can respect if he wanted to want longer...but how long? I love sex and I think it is beautiful and I am happy I am finally with someone that thinks it is has beautiful as I do. My boyfriend and I are very SATISFIED (I know this is random but do anyone remember that scene from Clueless where Dee is saying her man is satisfied even though they dont have sex...just thought of that for some reason lol) and I know he will never stray away hungry...not for that reason!


And I do hope he has found someone who hates all the same thing he does...I think she will be pretty hard to find, but maybe she's out there...

Any of my Blogger friends have any past relationship’s that you were sooo glad you let get away? Haha

P.S. Another time we went to a Dollar Show movie...he refused to pay. No lie. And it wasnt a big deal. That was all the chunk change my broke self had at the time...so yes I paid $2 for us.


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