Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aftermath Of My Nipple Rings

If you have been reading my Blogs, you would have known I have been thinking about getting my nipples pierced. On Sep. 12, I finally went and got them pierced! Therefore, it was been 4 days.

Many people have asked me, “Kristen, did it hurt when they were getting pierced?”, “Why are you doing this?” The answers are simple…HELL YES and because I wanted a small change. Here is the process:

I went to a tattoo/piercing studio called Detroit 313 Tattoos with my friend Carilyn. It was very nice inside and looked pretty clean. My piercer was a black man (For some reason I can’t remember his name at all). He was pretty cute and funny. We were the only people in there so we didn’t have to wait long. They told me I had to go with a “barbell” ring because it’s easier for new piercings and I can change after a month (I think I will wait after 3mths just to make sure its healed).

After I picked out the ring, I went in the room with Carilyn and the piercer. The room was very small and had a black chair that leaned back in the middle. There were jars of piercing supplies on the table, and sterilized clamps and needles in the sterilizing pouches and of course…latex gloves.

He put on his gloves and marked my ta ta’s with a marker. He then picked up a clamp and put it on my left nipple. He then told me this is the part most women hated most. And I know why…this damn clamp was pinching my poor nipple so freakin hard! It was VERY uncomfortable and hurt as he was trying to fit it correctly on the marks. Finally he picked up the needle and got close to the nipple with it. I then yelled “IS THIS IT!” He looked at me, laughed and said, “Yes” then he pushed it in my nipple! I yelled for dear mercy! It hurt like no other. There was no whatsoever good feeling when it came to that KNIFE going through my girls. I have heard of people passing out and thank God I didn’t. But when it was over I felt like I just was kicked in the stomach and got really hot. Lol He turned on the fan for me so I could cool down for a min while he got ready for the next. All this time my friend, Carilyn was taking pics of me with a face of SHOCK!

One down…1 to go…

He put the clamp on my right nipple. I told myself I have to really get ready for this one. I put both my hands on my hips like someone was about to charge at me and said again to him, “IS THIS IT?” He said yes and I was ready. But to my astonishment, this one hurt way more than the last! I felt like it lasted for a whole min! I have no idea what was in that nipple that wasn’t in the last one that made it hurt so much more. I remember wanting to move his hand if the pain wasn’t going to stop. But it finally did! And when it did…I was exhausted! And I was breathing hard. I laid my head back on the headrest and just chilled for a min. I was so glad it was all over. I finally looked down at my breasts…they looked so pretty! I loved it!

Then as I started moving I noticed how much PAIN I was in. The piercer has to help me into my bra. While he did so he said, “I have helped women out of bra’s…but never into a bra.” He was so cute.

So he told me I had to wash it 3 times a day with soap and water and I should be straight…come to think of it, he never told me for how long…but I guess I can Google that information. Lol And also to move the ring around because crust can build up (Ewww).

Four days later and the soreness are going down now. I don’t feel it when it rub against my bra anymore either (That sucked). The only time I really feel anything is when I am cleaning them. I saw blood only a tiny tiny bit one time when I cleaned it on one of my nipples. I am kind getting tired already of cleaning them though. 3 times is a lot…I clean in my shower in the morning and at night. Its just hard to find a time to clean mid-day because I work a 10hr day.

It does have its perks. My nipples are now very sensitive and can get hard very easily and when they do it really feels great. It feels like someone is slowly pinching them. I love it. At my job it can be extremely cold here (Even when its 74 degrees outside) and they have been getting pretty hard here at work and I can feel them getting hard from start to finish! I love it! I am just scared for the winter time when it is REALLY cold!

I do have to add that I did have to put on a bra when I am around the house and when I sleep. I have big breasts and they were hurting so bad the day and the day after I got them done, I started cuffing them with my hands while I walked around because the rubbing against my shirt was irritating them. And defiantly when I slept to keep them in one place (I have also read other Blogs about nipple piercing around the internet and noticed this is very common for us to do).

So it has been a great experience. I am glad I had a fun person to pierce my girls and made me feel at home and I am REALLY glad I didn’t pass out! I researched thoroughly via internet and friends. I know 4 other females that have them and they all said the same thing, "It hurt like hell...but it was worth it and I love them." So, why not?

Of course, I will keep all my Xanga friends informed of more of my “Nipple Healing Process”!

P.S. Any of my female Blogger’s that are thinking bout getting this done, please feel free to send me a message to ask anything and I can defiantly send you some pics of me new nipple ornaments as well!


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