Friday, October 2, 2009

Girly Girl Ova Hur

I just love being a girly girl!

I have been one since I can remember. When I was younger, I remember I couldn’t WAIT to get my first purse! Every woman wore one and that’s what I wanted! I believe I got my first purse when I turned 11. That was a big year for me…I started my period! All I had to put inside my new purse was 10 different lip-gloss’s (I was ADDICTED to lip gloss), maxi pads and a wallet with fake credit cards inside (Haha).

I wore my little dresses and skirts and always had my lips shining with tons of lip-gloss! You couldn’t tell me it was too much cause I knew I was so cute! You wouldn’t DARE catch me playing a sport with the guys or the “tomboys” or getting dirty! I was sitting down with the other girls, putting on lip-gloss and talking about boys. I watched my mother put on her makeup and couldn’t wait until the day I had my own.

I didn’t start wearing makeup until college. I really never had a reason why…but then again…who needs a reason!

Now I love wearing makeup. I started watching Make Up Artists on YouTube doing makeup tutorials and have learned so much. From the foundation to the blush and lipstick. They are amazing! My fav is Marlena and you can find her at www.makeupgeek.com! She is fantastic!

I just love everything about being a girl!

I love shopping and coordinating all my clothes. I am a fanatic when it comes to my jewelry and my purses…and makeup! Those are the 3 things I never let people borrow because if they don’t give it back…it’s going to be a problem. I rather have my clothes borrowed than those things. I just bought 2 purses in a week and I was so excited about them! My clothes, jewelry and purse all have to go together. For some reason I am not into buying shoes like a lot of women are. I can be satisfied with 2 pairs in every color of the rainbow. One in flats and the other in heels. That’s it. I don’t need the strappy thingy thing and knee boots. I just don’t care too much! Don’t know why.

I love putting on my makeup in the morning. I have been blessed to have great skin so I don’t need foundation (But I do put on when I am going to a special event) so I pick pretty eye shadows colors. Put on my eye shadow primer, and base, a pretty color on the lid, something in crease and a creamy highlighter. Put on a great outfit with dangly earrings and a great purse and I am set to go!

I just get excited thinking about it!

Who else out there is a girly girl??

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