Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Can't Win

So this week has NOT been my week.

I have a very small room. My bed basically takes up the whole room. My closet is small as hell and all my clothes can't fit so I have to put the rest in the big bags. Yeah, sometimes my room is a mess because of this and because I work so much I dont have time to pick up every damn day.

My sister came into my room a couple times and plugged up her stupid games to my TV to play...I didnt say anything about it hoping she wasnt going to come back. I came back from work Friday evening and found my room more destroyed than ever! My big blankets where on top of my make-up table and my clothes where everywhere on my bed...and her stupid games were still plugged to my damn TV. I asked my mother what happened and she said "Oh, Leah was just looking for her glasses." I asked her did she see what she did did to my room. I told her how that blanket could have spilled over all my very expensive make-up products (I love mineral make-up and use Bare Escentuals...which is NOT cheap) and thank God that didnt happen.

So while I was venting out all my frustration my mother decided to BLAME ME! She went on to say how my room was already messy and if it was clean it wouldnt have happened. I dont care if a tornado went through my room, NO ONE should be in here and if she was playing her childish racing games on my damn TV in the first place she wouldnt have "lost her glasses" in the first place!

She went on about how I need to get out her house and get my own place (This is her usual rant she goes on EVERY time she gets mad at me).

Side Note: I do want to put in here how I DO pay rent. I am not "freeloading" and pay my parents $300/mth! You should ask how much my sisters pay! Cause I know some are not even giving them any money!

I was just pissed I couldnt believe it...but then again I can. Her and my mother are tight as hell. She tells my mother everything. That's 1 reason why I dont tell her anything...the other is she also tells everyone else my business as well!

Today, I woke up and was a little bit hungry. I went into the kitchen and noticed chips and dip so I had a couple. My other sister came in and told me that wasnt mine and asked why am I eating it (She did the same thing the day before). I usually dont eat other people food. Usually people in the house, as well as myself, put their own food in pastic bags to let everyone know you should eat it. The dips didnt have that so I thought my mother bought it, which means anyone can eat it. As I put the dip back in the fridge in a huff and was about to leave the kitchen she then yelled, "And you need to stop calling Chris because he doesnt want you!" I asked "Who was Chris?" She said Chris the mechanic. (I switched mechanics because the previous man I was going to was getting really mean with me and was calling me stupid so I decided to go to someone else. My sister told me about "Chris" and he fixed my car back in July) I then asked her if she was serious. She said "Yeah, he told his baby momma (Whom she is friends with) and she told me you have been trying to get with him." I couldnt do anything bu laugh! I said I havent talked to him since he fixed my car. Then she said she she knew I would lie!

I cant stand people that lie. Even more so about me! So I then went straight to...what...my PHONE RECORDS! I got every single copy of my phone bill all the way back from April. I dont call many people. I have 300min but also MyFaves from T-Mobile so thats where most of my min go to and my mechanic defiantly isn't on my MyFaves. So as I am looking on my phone records there is NOTHING showing that I have been calling him. The last time was back in July and that was when he fixed my car.

So I went to my sister with the evidence and asked her what did his "baby momma" say? I guess Chris was telling her I called him and tried to get him to go out with my gurls and tried to get with him and he told me no and that he was already in a relationship. My sister didnt even bother to look at my phone bills so that just tells me she knew she was on some bullshit from the get-go. So I decided to call him. I told him what I heard. He claimed he was going to call me back...its bee 3hrs and he still hasn't.

I am just so freakin SICK AND TIRED and people putting my name in shit. I dont do anything but go to work, church and go see my man. I dont have many girlfriends because of this problem and somehow people still try and fuck me over. I tried to get a new mechanic because my the old man I was seeing was disrespectful and the new younger man claims I want him!

I just cant win.


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