Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Haven't done this since MAY! Wow! I am very excited to get back in to again...

1) I'm loving that after 2yrs of saving/looking for a car on and off , I will be finally getting my CAR next weekend!!!

2) I'm REALLY loving this IPhone (I acutally have an IPod Touch and it still works great!) app I found called Instagram! Its a fun and gorgeous way to send pictures! You can follow people and people follow you. Post comments and even post to Facebook & Twitter! And there are differnt filters where you turn the pictures into differnet colors, borders and other picture effects! It's freaking AMAZING and I am so addicted to this app. There are a few celebrities with the app that you can follow (I have only seen Fabulous and Justin Bieber)

I also have an Android (Samsung Transform) and unfortunatley, they don't have this app but they do have similar apps...Streamzoo, PicsIn and PicSay (Which is great! I did purchase the PRO) so downloade those if you are obssessed with taking pics as I am!

3) I'm loving that I am going to be finally going to start applying for jobs in Chicago soon! Can't wait to start the next chapter in my life.

What are you guys loving?



I love love Instagram! I use it all the time now. Good luck with getting a car and a job in the city!

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