Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday

Today I am linking up with Sarah over at Live, Laugh And Loving Life for my Music Monday!

I am very much into R&B, oldies, Jazz and lately I have had this song on REPEAT. I know it's an old song...but its:


I actually just started listening to it. Don't liten to Kerri Hilson too much and just decided to download this ong and boy am I glad I did! It has a great beat. I am feeling the words.

I thought "Wow this song is so good I KNOW it has to have a GREAT video to it!" WRONG! It was so old 40's or 50's concept (Sorry if I got the year wrong lol). Some parts were black and white and I was not feeling it. They could have done so much with this video!!! I thought I was going to see TONS of dancing...maybe someone even thought of a pretty girl rock "move".

It's still a GREAT song and I still love it!



That sucks when a really great song has bad video :( I hate that.

Thanks for linking up!! :)


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