Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

Today I am linking up with Amber for:

... "Its ok" that the WHOLE day has been spent looking up wedding stuff ... and I am NOT EVEN ENGAGED!

... "Its ok" that my 5yr Anniversary with my man is in Feb and we are going to take professional pictures and I am ALREADY looking for studio's (If anyone in the Chicago area can help me out finding something please let me know. All I find is for engagment/wedding lol)

... "Its ok"  that I finally found out what Pinteresting is and I freaking LOVVVVVE IT!

... "It's ok" that I have .55 in my bank account because I have given all my SAVINGS to this guy for a car!

Since we are on the subject of weddings ... "its ok" that I have it all planned out and now looking into how much it will cost ... and oh yeah ... "its ok" I have already set a DATE: Oct 2013! =)



I love looking at wedding stuff too, especially on pinterest! :) Thanks for linking up!


Thanks for linking up!


I love looking at wedding stuff!


My first year anniversary is tomorrow and we won't be doing anything special. And it's ok :)

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