Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Blog Layout

... You have entered my Online Diary ...

I get very tired of looking at the same thing for a long period. I even get tired of of having the same phone case on my phone.

So I thought to change my Blog around. And I am looooooooving it! I found the site Leelou Blogs and boy is her work amazing!

Please go check her out guys! She has free templates that are so easy to upload to your Blog and gives you step by step direction to do so! I am really loving this layout. Kinda reminds me of an old book ... like a diary ... with the buttons and ribbons ... in a vintage way. What do you guys think?? It thrills me that my Blog can look this AMAZING! It makes me want to write even more! The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous!

I even changed my headline to "Dear Diary, Love Kristen" so everyone that comes to my page will know this is a personal Blog. About my life, my thoughts, my drama...me! No fashion here, no make-up (Maybe a little because I LOVE make-up! lol), no postings of crazy looking foods! It's just me at this site...being REAL!

 Love it or leave!

One more thing ... I just imported all my Blogs from my other page that I had on here from 2009. It's so funny reading my Blogs from 2yrs ago. So go read them if you wish to see what my last 2yrs have been like.


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