Friday, April 10, 2009

Stuck In The Middle

The other day I had to tell a really good friend of mine (Whom is also my co-worker) the guy she was dating at one point was engaged when they were dating and he is now married. I have never been in a situation like that before.

How do you tell someone that person they had been falling in love with pushed them away because their wedding date was nearing?

How can you tell someone their whole relationship with this person was a lie?

It was really sad for me and I felt horrible for her. I was in a tough spot by knowing this information and knowing I needed to tell her. I found out he was engaged at the end of their relationship (He and my friend) together and then he got married right after he told her it was over. I confronted this to him and told him he was a dog. Of course, he said he wasn't and not to tell her because it would break her heart (Yeah, into a million peices). So, I thought since they weren't talking anymore and that it was over she wouldn't have to know and she could go on and meet someone better and forget about him. Then I found out...THEY ARE STILL TALKING! He's telling her he misses her and he loves her...and then tells her not to tell me anything else because I am nosey!

I'm nosey!?!?

So I went to her and told her the one thing he wanted me to shut up about...his little secret! I told her she shouldn't talk to him anymore and that he's a dog and he's not for her. She wanted to know why...and I told her...

Wanna know the tougest part about this...the guy is my cousin!

It makes me wonder how men can really be (Yeah, I know women can be the same way) He basically cheated on his fiance' the whole time and then married her! What kind of marriage is that? How can ANYONE love someone where you cheat on that person the whole time and why would you dare marry her?

Someone else told me not to get in the middle of it and that it wasn't my business. What would you guys have done if it was your friend? Could you honestly sit back and act like nothing is wrong and when she talks about him disregard what your conscience is telling you that this guy is MARRIED!

The funny thing is (Well, not so funny) if me and her didn't meet and work and I didn't find out she was dating my cousin, he would have gotten away with this. She would never have known unless something was different in their relationship. Which it wasn't because they were still talking.

I now have a different view towards my "cousin". He's an idiot, a liar and a bitch. He's not a man and still has a hell of a lot of growing up to do...

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